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Mickey Martin: Celebration of Life

“There are moments that the words don’t reach, there is suffering too terrible to name; you hold your child as tight as you can, and try to push away the unimaginable.” Hamilton (Original Broadway score)


There are no words available to describe the utter anguish the Parents 4 Pot family feels in sharing the unimaginable news of the passing of our Founder, and current Treasurer, Mickey Martin. Mickey Martin was known as the author of Medical Marijuana 101, and Mickey Martin Consulting Director. He was the Founder of Compassion Medicinal Edibles/Tainted Inc. and the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, as well as the Founder and Treasurer of Parents 4 Pot. He dedicated his life to cannabis freedom for decades. His work to provide food-based medicines for many years revolutionized the industry in the areas of quality assurance, packaging and labeling of cannabis products. His infamous designs made the term “tainted” a household name among medical cannabis patients and edible connoisseurs. The evolution of Tainted to Compassion Medicinal Edibles epitomized everything that is right about the medical cannabis movement. His consulting firm was successful in helping several clients navigate the competitive application process and secure permits for operating medical cannabis dispensaries. His regulatory program helped several municipalities and state governments develop and implement good medical cannabis laws and guidelines. His development of several voter initiatives, and countless hours at city council meetings, made him a regulatory expert for the cannabis industry. He graduated with honors from St. Mary’s College of California in Business and spent over 13 years developing cannabis-based businesses in the community. His call for self-regulation and responsibility in the cannabis industry led to several victories for medical cannabis organizations across the country. He was a freelance writer for several well-known cannabis publications and maintained a canna-blog at, which chronicled his experiences in dealing with major issues facing the cannabis movement. He was instrumental in collaboration between Parents 4 Pot and SKUNK Magazine to help bring the international cannabis community together for a higher purpose to help more families devastated by the War on Drugs. Through his work with Parents 4 Pot, Mickey made sure that the children of parents who are incarcerated for cannabis crimes had a Christmas, as well as children whose parents use medical marijuana. Last Christmas, this organization provided gifts for approximately 50 families to celebrate the holidays! We made sure children had back to school supplies last fall, with gift cards to make their own school item purchases. This was all accomplished in large part, because of Mickey Martin!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mickey’s wife, children, family and friends at this sad time. Mickey was a powerful force whose momentum will not be stopped by death. We will continue to advance his dreams and the mission of the organization he created.

Parents-4-Pot is a dedicated voice for all families who support the end of hemp and cannabis prohibition. We strive to defeat the social stigma surrounding adults who use cannabis responsibly. We support a parent’s choice to use medical cannabis to treat their children's illnesses. Our work helps families with cannabis related issues through education, direct action and organizational support.

We love you Mickey ♥


Photo © Diane Fornbacher

How to Apply for our Annual Holiday Drive

Parents 4 Pot (P4P) is an organization that aims to help victims of all aspects of cannabis prohibition. We support medical refugee families, activist families and families of those incarcerated for cannabis.

We are looking for families in need for the holiday season. P4P recognizes that there is a lot of need in the community to help keep the holidays festive.


DEVASTATED: Children Removed From Father Over Cannabis Social Media App





Discriminatory Judge with Bias Against Marijuana Orders the Owner of a Marijuana Social Media Mobile App to Have His Children Removed from Their Home and Turned Over to Mother with Documented Substance Abuse Issues and a Questionable Living Environment.

Salem, MA- Probate and Family Court Justice Peter Digangi has ruled that the two young children of Scott Bettano, the CEO of Social High- A mobile app for cannabis enthusiasts, be abruptly removed from their stable home due to his position operating a cutting edge social media tech experience for consumers of marijuana. His popular application allows individuals to communicate and share their experiences with like-minded individuals in a safe space for expression and the exercising of their first amendment rights to freedom of speech. Because of the subject matter in which Mr. Betanno’s clients communicate on his app is primarily marijuana related, the judge has decided that he should lose custody of his children.

In an unexplainable turn of events Justice Digiani has ruled instead that custody be returned to their mother against the better judgement of Laura Craig-Bray, Ph.D., a specialist appointed to facilitate the reunification of Lauren Belanger with her minor children, Manii and Dasanii. Dr. Craig-Bray made a recommendation that due to concerns with Ms. Belanger’s behavior throughout the reunification process that only supervised visits with their mother should be granted. A letter documenting her irresponsible behaviors, poor judgement, and angry and emotional responses to issues signed by Dr. Craig-Bray is included as an exhibit to this release.

In September of 2014, Judge Peter Digangi granted temporary sole physical custody of the children to their father Scott Bettano. Amidst concerns of substance abuse and questions of mental stability surrounding their mother, the judge ordered Ms. Belanger be granted supervised visitation only. After a full year and a half without executing visitation, the court appointed specialist Dr. Craig-Braya The specialist was court ordered to observe and report to the courts.

Despite the report given by the specialist, Justce Peter Digangi has decided the appropriate course of action is to uproot the children from their schools and home, allowing their mother to move them two (2) hours away from their family. They will reside in a house that is owned by Marcus Hytonen who is Ms. Belanger’s fiancé (an unrelated man that the children have no current relationship with). Scott Bettano is worried about the welfare of his children due to Mr. Hytonen being recently released from prison in the summer of 2015 after serving four (4) years for trafficking in cocaine.

Throughout the trial, Justice Digangi expressed his concerns over Mr. Bettano’s activism in the cannabis reform community and his work to normalize cannabis in our society. Due to his role as founder and CEO of a mobile app focused on cannabis, and his advocacy for both medical and adult use legalization of marijuana, Scott is being discriminated against, and his children are being used as pawns to express the political and social beliefs of the Justice. It is no coincidence that this abrupt change in the Justice’s ruling comes just days after the incredibly successful Boston Freedom Rally, of which Social High was a major sponsor advocating for the passage of Question 4 this November that would legalize cannabis for adults over 21 in the Commonwealth. It is of great concern when families are torn apart because of an individual’s intolerance with the growing acceptance of cannabis in our society. This case cuts to the core of major issues faced by parents who choose to support cannabis reform and an end to the disastrous policies of cannabis prohibition that have decimated families for decades.

“It is unacceptable to think that we are still dealing with these archaic decisions by Justices who choose to use their power to separate children from their loving father because of his choice to operate a small tech startup focused on social media for cannabis consumers,” said Mickey Martin, Director of Parents 4 Pot, a 501c3 supporting parents who are discriminated against for cannabis.” We are hopeful that Justice Digangi will do the right thing and allow Scott to continue to provide Manii and Dasanii with an amazing home and caring environment to grow and thrive.”



CONTACT: SCOTT BETANNO • 978-764-7516 •


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Parents 4 Pot Supports Standing Rock - No DAPL

We are one family

Parents 4 Pot supports the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. We need to protect our water for our future generations. Water is life.

If you'd like to help STOP the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), here are ten things you can do to help the Standing Rock Sioux fight:

To Do or Not To Do – Talking to Your Kids about Pot

By, Ronda Marcy

There are many schools of thought about how to discuss marijuana use with your children, especially

in archaic states that don’t allow legal cannabis in any form. I won’t presume to tell you how to do

this or if it should happen. That is your family business. I will share the concepts I shared with my

daughters back in the days when nothing was legal anywhere!

Parents 4 Pot  Holiday Drive...That’s a Wrap - With a Bow!

Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive...That’s a Wrap - With a Bow!

By, Jill Hitchman-Osborne

Submissions for the Parents 4 Pot holiday drive kept rolling in from all aspects of the cannabis

world. Board members all started wringing our hands. Can we really double the number of families

that we helped last year?

The answer was a resounding, “YES!” We cried out, and the community stepped up big time! Thank

you to everyone that donated! Every single donation mattered. And, we couldn't be more grateful as

an organization to be able to facilitate this.

We would like to share some of the "thank yous" we received, because the gratitude really belongs

to you.

Apples 2 Apples – One Parent’s Perspective

By: Daniel Martinez

I've always been the type of parent who is honest with my children. Some would say a little too

honest. My response to that is one day they will learn the truth and look back and say, “Dad was

right.” But see, how right could I be about marijuana?


Adult Use Legalization MUST Protect Families

What is cannabis “legalization” if parents still have to worry about losing their kids, their

jobs, their housing or their freedom? The biggest tragedy of the war on weed has been

the devastating affect it has on families. Parents are on the frontlines of this battle and

face extraordinary threats because cannabis is illegal. The threat of losing one’s

children for weed should not even be an option. Any good legalization initiative should

say in bold letters right across the top; “THIS LEGISLATION ENSURES THAT WE



HOUSING FOR WEED.” Otherwise what is the point? This is the real battle for

cannabis freedom: the rights of everyday folks, including parents, to enjoy cannabis

without the fear.

Wisconsin Advocates Push For Whole Plant Cannabis at CBD-Only Hearing

Wisconsin activists made demands for whole plant cannabis during a legislative hearing

that was meant to remove the physician requirement lobbied for by the Wisconsin

Medical Society within Wisconsin's CBD-only law. Passed in April 2014, Wisconsin’s

law has not provided safe access to cannabis for seizure patients. It has since been

posthumously renamed  "Lydia's Law."  Lydia’s mother led the fight for CBD only

legislation. Lydia died on Mother's Day in 2014.

Press Release - P4P Supports John Vergados

Among the other great pieces John Vergados has written, “It Takes a Child to Raise a

Village” stands out with the compelling story of nine year old Mykayla, and her struggle

to overcome cancer using cannabis. This statement is issued by the Board of Directors

of the U.S. National Organization, Parents 4 Pot in support of Mr. Vergados and his

current struggle to defend himself from Canadian Federal Court charges of Importation,

Possession, Possession with Intent to Traffic and Conspiracy to Import and Traffic

Cannabis Seeds.