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Mickey Martin: Celebration of Life

“There are moments that the words don’t reach, there is suffering too terrible to name; you hold your child as tight as you can, and try to push away the unimaginable.” Hamilton (Original Broadway score)


There are no words available to describe the utter anguish the Parents 4 Pot family feels in sharing the unimaginable news of the passing of our Founder, and current Treasurer, Mickey Martin. Mickey Martin was known as the author of Medical Marijuana 101, and Mickey Martin Consulting Director. He was the Founder of Compassion Medicinal Edibles/Tainted Inc. and the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, as well as the Founder and Treasurer of Parents 4 Pot. He dedicated his life to cannabis freedom for decades. His work to provide food-based medicines for many years revolutionized the industry in the areas of quality assurance, packaging and labeling of cannabis products. His infamous designs made the term “tainted” a household name among medical cannabis patients and edible connoisseurs. The evolution of Tainted to Compassion Medicinal Edibles epitomized everything that is right about the medical cannabis movement. His consulting firm was successful in helping several clients navigate the competitive application process and secure permits for operating medical cannabis dispensaries. His regulatory program helped several municipalities and state governments develop and implement good medical cannabis laws and guidelines. His development of several voter initiatives, and countless hours at city council meetings, made him a regulatory expert for the cannabis industry. He graduated with honors from St. Mary’s College of California in Business and spent over 13 years developing cannabis-based businesses in the community. His call for self-regulation and responsibility in the cannabis industry led to several victories for medical cannabis organizations across the country. He was a freelance writer for several well-known cannabis publications and maintained a canna-blog at www.WeedActivist.com, which chronicled his experiences in dealing with major issues facing the cannabis movement. He was instrumental in collaboration between Parents 4 Pot and SKUNK Magazine to help bring the international cannabis community together for a higher purpose to help more families devastated by the War on Drugs. Through his work with Parents 4 Pot, Mickey made sure that the children of parents who are incarcerated for cannabis crimes had a Christmas, as well as children whose parents use medical marijuana. Last Christmas, this organization provided gifts for approximately 50 families to celebrate the holidays! We made sure children had back to school supplies last fall, with gift cards to make their own school item purchases. This was all accomplished in large part, because of Mickey Martin!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mickey’s wife, children, family and friends at this sad time. Mickey was a powerful force whose momentum will not be stopped by death. We will continue to advance his dreams and the mission of the organization he created.

Parents-4-Pot is a dedicated voice for all families who support the end of hemp and cannabis prohibition. We strive to defeat the social stigma surrounding adults who use cannabis responsibly. We support a parent’s choice to use medical cannabis to treat their children's illnesses. Our work helps families with cannabis related issues through education, direct action and organizational support.


We love you Mickey ♥


Photo © Diane Fornbacher

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If you do not have money for a membership we do have options of ways you can contribute to earn your membership by contacting public officials and participating in online campaigns to raise awareness. Please email us at Parents4Pot@gmail.com with "Earn a Membership" as the subject and we will let you know how you can take actions to earn your P4P membership.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in the streets, courts, and city council meetings fighting for cannabis freedoms. Thanks for all you do!

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We want to know about what you think is important, how we can grow as an organization, and how we can better reach our communities with the message tht cannabis prohibition is terrible for families.

Join us in our quest to return cannabis to its rightful place in our society. Let us know what your ideas for a world free from the evils of prohibition look like. Your voice is an important one in this journey. Let it be heard.

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Mickey Martin: Celebration of Life

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