2019 P4P Holiday Drive Waiting List Families - Parents 4 Pot


Together, we were able to gather Family Sponsors for the first 9 P4P Holiday Drive Families!


Now for the waiting list...

We've had a few emergency situations come up right after the cut off. And in the Spirit of Mickey Claus, we don't want to leave anyone behind.

Please read about these families and their journeys. Some of these families you may remember from previous seasons.

These are the families on the front lines, in the mission to help end prohibition.

Please continue helping us bring the cannabis community together, to help these next 9 families. 

So let's dig a little deeper, gather our family and friends even closer, and make some more magic happen!

Ball Family - Colorado Refugees from Iowa
- This Family is Sponsored by Greenfaith Supply Co. ♥

"Thank you for considering our family this Christmas Season! We relocated to Broomfield, Colorado as medical marijuana refugees (from Iowa) for my 16 year old son Maddox who has a 1p36 chromosome deletion, epilepsy and self injurious behaviors. On September 27th we were forced out of our apartment per the marijuana addendum and our monthly bills literally quadrupled. We are struggling to stay afloat and provide Maddox with the life saving cannabis he needs, turning back is no longer a feasible option for our family."

Cannabis Community - Do your thing. Sponsor this family!

Ashley Vanosdol -
- This young lady is Sponsored by The House of Candy - SugarHi Farm ♥

"Hi! My name is Ashley Vanosdol. I'm 21 years old and from Washington state. I'm currently an undergraduate student at Arizona State University where I'm majoring in Psychology. After I graduate from ASU this May, I plan on completing an occupational therapy masters program and working with children who have autism. 

 My dad, Lance Gloor, has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for helping others obtain access to medical marijuana via a Washington state legal medical marijuana dispensary. My dad being in prison has created a huge financial hardship for my family. Making less than $10 a month in prison, my dad cannot afford to help me financially with my college tuition let alone my daily needs. I am a college student and along with my studies and school clubs, I work 2, sometimes 3, jobs just to make ends meets. My mom and grandparents do all that they can to support me financially in my dad's absence, which I am beyond thankful for, but it is hard for them to make ends meet without my dad being around as well. The financial impact that prohibition has had on me is tremendous, but the biggest impact that it has had on me is my dad not being here. My dad is not a free man who is able to do the what that most people take for granted. My dad was not able to attend my high school graduation or be there on the day that I left Washington to go to college in Arizona. My dad is not able to visit me at college, attend my sororities Dad’s Weekend, or spend time with me when I go home for Christmas and summer break. Unless he is given justice and released from prison, he will not be able to attend my college graduation and other important milestones coming up in my life. I miss my dad and it has taken a huge impact on my mental health not having him around. Prohibition is using up our valuable and irreplaceable time we have to spend with each other.

Freedom for my father means more than words can express, but until that happens, I have to deal with the financial and mental hardship that comes with not having him around. My family and I are extremely thankful to have the support of the P4P community during this time.
Like my dad always says, “one team, one dream.”"


Christmas wish list:

- Grocery store gift cards (Trader Joe's, Target)

- Other gift cards (Starbucks, Dutch Bro's coffee, Ulta)
- Books

Ashley is one of the first annual recipients of the Parents 4 Pot Scholarship in Honor and Memory of Mickey Martin. And just a few years ago, we sponsored Ashley as a P4P POW Holiday Drive kid. Ashley is all grown up now and is going on to do great things in life to help others. Let's hook her up with some love and support. Ashley's family does an amazing amount of front line work. #OneTeamOneDream #FreeLanceGloor

Micaih Hutchens - Colorado
- This Family is Sponsored by an Anonymous Family ♥


"Micaih was diagnosed in 2013 with 3 inoperable tumors in his brain, Epilepsy, C.P., Failure to thrive an a multitude of other diagnosis it's been a whirlwind of emotions followed by more hospital admissions than anyone should have to endure, this year alone he's been at Children's hospital 192 days which makes holding a job impossible and living on SSI very difficult to provide a Christmas for a Lil boy who very much believes in Santa Claus ! 

We were forced to move from our home state in 2011 to Colorado when Micaih began having so many seizures that the need to start medical marijuana which was becoming one of the only options to save Micaihs life within 4 months of living in Colorado both of his parent's were arrested for possession of marijuana while traveling in a motor vehicle with their child they we're charged with child neglect and CPS stepped in and Micaih was put in my custody while both his parents served jail time, we lost our vehicle an our finances suffered tremendously I faced going to a homeless shelter with a child in a wheelchair, feeding tube, an oxygen. God stepped in and we we're able to get into government housing which saved us from homelessness but after Micaihs mom got out of jail she chose to move back to her home state leaving Micaih here in Colorado with me due to his need for medical marijuana treatment to control/stop his seizures and all of his Dr's. are here at. Colorado Children's Hospital. We are struggling with the expensive cost of Micaihs marijuana and keeping his card valid to date let alone have extra money to provide Christmas toys for a little boy who told me on Sunday that he needs to talk to Santa Claus to ask him if he could bring him new legs for Christmas ~ ones that don't have to hurt so bad😭 ! That broke this grandma's heart. I'd be FOREVER Greatful if it's possible at all to PLEASE help me make Micaih's wishes come true!
#1) Micaih spends most his days in his wheelchair watching his favorite TV show's these last few weeks his TV has been loosing it's color/going to black and white followed by horizontal lines across the screen I understand it's alot but Micaih desperately needs his TV to be replaced
#2) Micaih loves his Nintendo switch but both his left and right controllers are breaking on the controllers so he needs a pair of controllers for his Nintendo switch
#3) Micaih loves Pokeman there are games for the Nintendo switch called ~ #1 Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
#2 Pokken Tournament DX
#3 Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Double Pack Nintendo Switch can be bought separately 
#4 Autism Sensory Fibre Optic Floor Lamp with soothing sounds by Jennyhedy
#5 Milliard Sensory therapy tool pad with built-in foam blocks great for sensory seeking 
Thank you so much for taking the time to consider our family this Christmas Holiday !"

Thomas Family - Florida
- This Family is Sponsored by Quantum Wellness, llc and Friends ♥

"Noah is such an amazing young man with so many friends and so much love for everyone he meets.
 Since 2012 we have chosen cannabis as Noah's main source of seizure and Pain control.

Firstly we I want to thank you for helping us two Christmases ago when things were extremely tight as well and he was dealing with multiple bed sores from being in a bad wheelchair.

For us it has been difficult in what sometimes feels like I'm tired of talking about an endless battle since 2012. I've realized in the course of the last five years just the mental toll that it's taken on my family and the things that I've had to subject to my children that were under 18 to just to protect Noah from dying. To me that's the hardest part is that I had to choose between telling my children that what I truly believed and that we were going against the law instead of choosing pharmaceutical drugs that were failing repeatedly for Noah.

By the time that we really realized how much cannabis had impacted Noah's health our story had already reached so many other family is that had started the regimen themselves with his condition. Even though we live in a legal State now we still fight with so many logistics and it's still so hard to get around regulations and expensive medications as well as the cost of cards and caregiver cost. Many people don't understand the financial toll that medical cannabis text on a family financially. Special Needs trust aren't able to cover those kinds of medications and it's not covered by insurance.
so probation is still affecting our family in multiple ways we still have to make sure that Noah's needs are met before anything else in the month is paid for.   Imagine living every month of your life knowing that the first and most important bill is your child's medication that isn't covered by insurance you're a single mother taking care of your elderly mother and two dependents. the PTSD just involved and caretaking alone and the prohibition that still exists because of the prejudice based around this plant is still affecting us.

Right now we just try to keep Noah comfortable he loves his racing he continues to do half marathons and marathons we encouraged him to do that he is very frail and still has bone issues so we just try to make his lay very happy and comfortable.
because there's also many regulations based around being a single parent and me having to stay with no a 24 hours a day do to his seizures and scoliosis and pain Management I can always use the help and I don't rely on caregivers or nurses for Noah.

I think prohibition also has an effect on your family for us just having people in law enforcement not even be a part of our lives because the paths that we've chosen has been extremely overwhelming.
Parents 4 pot has helped us in the past and I would really appreciate Noah being considered again if possible.
We once again are facing some van issues turning this time of year as well as my mom having a broken collarbone so as finances kind of pile up we thought we would reach out again and see if it's possible to get help.
Noah's hashtag is #supernoahruns
He has about 400 followers on Instagram and he has a Facebook page called Super Noah runs as well where we contribute all of his race information his upcoming races in our local races things like that.
His main account though is Instagram."

Make the magic happen!

Davies Family -
- This Family is Sponsored by HappyDay Farms ♥


"You folks have helped my daughter in the past, and this year we need some help again.
I was arrested for cannabis while i was in new Jersey in August.... I wasn't a medical cannabis patient at the time, so they arrested me with my medicine 
I have traveled to and from New Jersey three times now. My cannabis charges were dismissed, but they hit me with a fine for violating a town ordinance that says you must report any cannabis around you to law enforcement. "False information to police." They hit me with an almost 200 dollar fine ..and I am on social security disability for PTSD...its why i have my med card. I also spend money out of pocket to afford cannabis which is the only medicine I take to treat my PTSD.
My daughter has a  severe form of epilepsy and I am a single mom. 
Taylor just turned 18, but she is home bound and suffers from her condition daily with headaches, seizures and agoraphobia."

Ray Family -
Colorado Refugees

"My midde son Nathaniel (10) has epilepsy. 4 years ago we had to pack up our family and move from Alabama to Colorado due to his seizure disorder, LGS. All medications have failed and the only option left was cannabis. Prohibition is preventing us from being with our extended family. We can't travel out of state with my son's cannabis due to it being illegal in many of the states surrounding Colorado."

Wish List for the Ray Family:

Caroline (15) - electric keyboard, mini backpack, white bed sheet set- twin, foot massager, knee high socks
Kyleigh (13) - head phones, easel, lava lamp, slime, fake nails
Nathaniel (10) - kid tablet or tablet, The nuts: keep rolling book, The nuts: sing and dance in you pants books, peak a boo numbers Train book, 
Colton (6) - paw patrol bed sheets-twin, paw patrol pillow, night striker bowling game, smart Pixelator
Zachary (2) -  balance bike, inflatable kid tent, toddler noise cancelling headphones-robot, carinval 3 in 1 outdoor games (beanbags, ring toss w/cones)

Sanchez Family - Colorado Refugees from Texas

Madison (10) Aaron(8) Rize (5) Summer (6 months)

"All my kiddos surfer a rare disease. After my middle child suffered many nocturnal seizures and went through many therapies it was decided cannabis would be our best bet. We moved our family from Texas to Colorado with nothing and now have access to cannabis . He has had less than 10 seizures in 3 years. But we are lonley without any family for the holidays. All 4 kids have a hospital stay in March which is out of state. The older 3 kiddos are wishing for iPod touch for each of them and headphones so they can be entertained during hospital stay and travel. Suitcases for the kids and gift cards for new clothes. The baby could use clothes and baby toys."

Let's get this family some ♥

Lahaie Family - Oregon

"I was trying to see if my family could get some Christmas help this year. I have three daughters and my boyfriend lives with us as well. My oldest daughter Makayla is 20 and is going to school at PSU and hoping to study in Japan next year. My middle daughter Amayah is 9 and in 3rd grade and my youngest is Sierra who is 7 and in 2nd grade. I have amazing kids and would love to be able to provide a great Christmas for them. I work part time struggle daily with pain in my hip which I use THC and CBD for. My boyfriend spent over 5years in jail locked up over marijuana and still struggles finding and keeping work because of it. 

We are really needing a *washer and dryer* for our family even a used pair would help as ours are pretty much done for. The kids need clothing and shoes and I can post their sizes below. Thank for considering my family for Christmas help this year."
Makayla xl womens size 11 shoes
Amayah 14\16 girls clothing and size 5 youth shoes
Sierra size 12 girls clothing and size 3 youth shoes 

Ortiz Family - Massachusetts
- This Family is Sponsored by Parents 4 Pot Massachusetts ♥

Jay Jay is a disabled single mom who uses MMJ for Anxiety, Depression and Pain.

It becomes a lil pricey, and on a fixed income it's tough to provide gifts for her

10 year old son Yanlewis.

Nagle Family - Pennsylvania
- This Family is Sponsored by Green Leaf Organics SW ♥

The Nagle Family has endured many hardships.

And we're going to leave it at that.

Zoey is 13 , Dominyc is almost 10 years old, Austin is 5

Austin's Wish List:
Favorite Color Blue & Red
Gift cards for some new clothes
Shoe Size 2 - Clothing 7
Nintendo Switch
Anything by Ryan Toys Review
Books to help with reading
Anything Borderlands
His own TV for his room when they can get their own place.

Dominyc's Wish List:
Favorite Color Red, Blue & Hunting Colors
Cowboy Boots - Size 3
Gift cards for some new clothes
Gas powered remote control boat
Drone with camera
Gas powered remote control truck
Radio control mech trooper blaster RC 15
Cars to build with switch to turn on
Hunting Stuff
Gaming Gear (Bean Bag)
Walkie Talkies
Big Bluetooth speakers

Zoey's Wish List:
Favorite Colors Red & White
Gift cards for some new clothes
Hair Straightener
Iphone 6pulse

The kids would love a TV and XBox1

Someone step in and help make some magic happen for this family.

And there it is folks!

Your 2019 7th Annual Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive Waiting List Families!

This mission is all about bringing good people together, and making magic happen.

'Tis the Season to believe, whatever you believe in.

We believe in good people, doing good things.

So, if you want something to really brag about;

Brag about how you stepped up to help the families most impacted by prohibition this Holiday Season.

Every contribution makes a difference!

#High5s and Sincere Gratitude, to all of our Donors and Sponsors.

*Please contact us directly at @ [email protected] for questions or to be a Family Sponsor.
Parents 4 Pot is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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