2nd Annual POW & Family Holiday Gift Drive - Parents 4 Pot

We love to make a difference in the lives of those in our community. No one knows first hand how terrible this war is than the families of those who are struggling to make ends meet in their role as an activist, medical refugee, or those serving time for cannabis. We are organizing Amazon.com Wish Lists for each POW’s family. We hope you will chip in a few bucks to send a gift to a kid whose family is paying the ultimate price from the drug war.

There are gifts of all shapes and sizes. Feel free to choose some gifts that are within your budget, or you can donate directly to the P4P Holiday Drive by PayPal. Send your donation to [email protected] with “Holiday Drive” in the memo/notes section. We will select presents for families on the list for you.

We appreciate the support and are overwhelmed by the generosity of this community. Together we can ensure our community stays strong and that those less fortunate have a wonderful holiday despite life’s many challenges. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have, and again… THANK YOU!

If you know of a family who could use some help but is not listed here, please let us know in the feedback section below. We need the name of the family, the kids names and ages, what they would like for Christmas (clothes, backpacks, video games, music, movies, etc.) and where we should ship it too. Also send us some information about the hardship situation.

The preceding text was originally published on the Parents4Pot POW Holiday Drive webpage, which can be viewed here. The Parents4Pot site includes pictures, backstory, and wishlists for the POW/cannabis community families that Parents4Pot is organizing the drive for this year. So far, that list includes the family of Luke Scarmazzo, sentenced to two decades in prison, Jaqie Angel Warrior and her family, the cannabis refugee family of young patient Cyndimae Meehan, and the families of POWs Weldon Angelo, Ricardo Monte, and Chris Williams.

Check back on the POW Drive page often, as more will be added. Share the site and this article with those who are in a position to give and those who could possibly benefit from knowing about the drive!

It is a tragic fact of the War on Drugs that some loving, dedicated parents who never hurt anyone will be spending the holiday season incarcerated, far from the ones they love. Thanks to Parents4Pot for organizing this beautiful community giving opportunity for the second year in a row, and for bringing much-needed attention to the damage the War on Drugs is doing to otherwise happy, healthy families.

For previous Ladybud coverage of the amazing activism efforts of Parents4Pot, click here.

Photo Credit: Albert Chevallier Tayler under public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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