7th Annual POW And Cannabis Community Holiday Drive Families - Parents 4 Pot

The Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive began in 2013, thanks to the shared visions of our late founder, Mickey "Mickey Claus" Martin. Amazing how quickly time flies, as we find ourselves moving into our seventh season. We are thankful for another opportunity to help bring the cannabis community together to help uplift some of the families most impacted by prohibition. Parents serving time in prison for pot, refugee families who are separated from their family, friends and loving homes, as well as activist families who have come into hard times. The landscape of legalization has changed immensely since P4P began and with many more changes to come as we push into 2020. We've witnessed several of our Drug War POW's, released. Some of our families have experienced the hardest of hardships, the loss of a loved one. A few of the kids we've sponsored through the years started college with ambitions to help change the world. Through the past seven seasons we've accomplished many good things as we continue to help end prohibition, one family at a time.

Heartfelt gratitude to our family with SKUNK Magazine, Mission Green, Freedom Grow and Author Cheri Sicard for working together with us through the years.

Thank you, for joining us.

Here are this seasons families:

Drug War POW Families

Luke Scarmazzo - 22 Year Sentence
- This Family is Sponsored by InTERPretasting ♥

The Scarmazzo Family is one of the original families adopted when P4P began. We've watched Jasmine grow from a little girl into a powerful young lady. Please watch more about Luke's story on youtube here.

Luke has served over 12 years of a 22 year prison sentence. Over 2 years ago, Luke was transferred from a prison in his home state of California, to a  high security prison in Louisiana; making it almost impossible for the family to connect in person...

"I could never thank P4P, and all of the donors, enough for continuing Mickey's vision and making these holiday drives possible. You all have my deepest gratitude, appreciation, and respect. Thank you."

Special Update From Luke

"I received some excellent news this past week: the honorable judge that received my Compassionate Release/Sentence Reduction motion has granted me a court-appointed attorney! This is HUGE! It means I'll have representation and not have to go thru the process without legal counsel. Courts are not wasteful with taxpayer's money, so they don't just hand out attorneys unless they think a motion has merit. I'm so thankful to the judge for his compassion and wisdom. This doesn't mean we've won, but it does means after serving 12 long years for a nonviolent (and state-legal) cannabis offense I'll have a really good shot at finally coming HOME!" That is our wish, too.

Corvain Cooper - Life Sentence
- This Family is Sponsored by Cresco Labs ♥

"I was the sole provider of my family before I was taken away from my kids. i picked my daughters up and took them to school everyday. i started my clothing store sc clothing named after my daughters and had pictures of them airbrushed on mural on the wall of the store. My family needs help, both of my daughters are lost and deprived of the extras life has to offer. Thank you for your help."

With lots of lock-downs and limited time for prisoners to make calls and use email, we are waiting for an update and will provide more information ASAP.


Crystal Munoz - 20 year sentence, reduced to 15
- This family is Sponsored ♥

"As far as the impact of marijuana prohibition... it has stunted our growth as a

family... although we are blessed to be together after all these years each of us have

been deprived of the experience that comes with sharing life with your family intact.

My daughters do not know what it is like to have their mother in their every day

lives. My sentence is harsher than many violent offenders that I have encountered.

My eldest daughter Sarai, is 12 years of age, I was taken from her when she was 5

months old. Nova who is 10 months younger than Sarai was born while I was

incarcerated, she is now 11 years of age. WE are incredibly THANKFUL to each of YOU

and ALL the good work that you do for this good and just cause. May all your hearts

desires be fulfilled."

Ferrell Scott - Life Sentence
- This Family is Sponsored by an Anonymous Family ♥

 Serrell, Ferrell's Daughter and family                            Ferrell's Grandson, Ferrell Scott Jr.

Message from Ferrell's Daughter:

"We Are Still Holding Up Getting Things Done One Day At A Time .
Sky’ya Is Mastering The 3rd Grade, In GT Every Year Coming Up With New Ways To Keep

Family Together . Sakai My 2nd Grader Is Learning New Ways To Play His Game And Trick

Family Into Getting What He Want Us To Do. And Sir Is My 4 Month He Is What Giving Us

Strength To Keep Going And Keeping The Peace In Our Family . Things Have Not Been Same

Since My Father Been Gone . Even Though My Kids Have Never Met My Father They Admire

Him And Miss Him Ask Him When He Coming Home , Asking When We Are Going To See Him I

Know Something Will Work In Our Favor Soon!!! We Appreciate Everything Everyone Does

To Bless And Not Leave My Father Out Of My Kids Life !"

Sky’ya Wants Clothes , A Doll House And Dolls
Sakai Wants Games For His PS4 , Shoes size 6.5/7 & Books
5 month old Sir Scott needs a bouncer or something to sit up in.

Ferrell Scott also has a Grandson, Ferrell Scott Jr. who is 8 years old by his Son, Skyy.
We are waiting on a wish list and more information will be updated ASAP.

Refugee Families:

Chelsey SinClaire - Moved from TN to Oregon
-This Family is Sponsored CannaMommy International Non-Profit & Landons Health Hut ♥

Chelsey's application was absolutely heart wrenching. Mother of four, separated from

her 2 older children as she seeks medical treatment for her IBS and PTSD in a legal

state with her 2 young twins. She left Tennessee and moved to Oregon and is currently

in a custody battle with her ex husband. With most of her income going to pay fees for

a decent attorney and child support for her 2 older children; not to mention the costs

of every day life and living.

"While the eldest are old enough to understand, show great compassion, and gratitude

towards their mom fighting so hard for them the younger two still have the magic of

Christmas deep in their hearts and I hope this won’t be the year they lose it.

We are asking for help, any help we can receive at this time."

Salem & Delilah 5 year old female twins -
Glitter shoes (size 11 & 9)
Art supplies
Minni Mouse cash register

Caelex - 12 year old boy
Hoodies and sweat pants (size 9)
Shoes size 3 1/2
Work out equipment

Zoey- 11 year old girl
Journals/ sketch pads
Art supplies
Slime / slime supplies


Activist Families

Jones Family - Alaska
- This Family is Sponsored by Cannalids ♥

"We are a cannabis advocate family. My name is Alicia. My husband, Jerry beat cancer

with the help of cannabis.

He isn't fully healed and is always in a lot of pain from the surgeries and what the

chemo did to his body. He is in remission and we had a baby so since I stayed home to

help him beat cancer he wanted me to stay home to take care of our new baby and

oldest. We where blessed with a baby girl on 4/20/18 after we where told the chemo

wold make my husband not bale to have children. Now he works full time to support us

but barely makes enough for rent. We would absolutely love to have help for Christmas

if possible so my husband don't have to stress about Christmas presents.

Alexa 11- loves to make slime, loves make up and nail stuff. Loves unicorns and

mermaids wants Google pay gift card or Walmart she wears size 16 girls 6 in women's

shoes loves leggings size small-medium in women's

Aubriana 1½ - loves music and dancing stuffies and blankets baby dolls learning toys

books clothes 18 months, shoes size 3-4 baby

Watkins Family - Washington 
- This Family is Sponsored by  Jasper & Ivy, LLC ♥

"Our family have been helping others and advocating in Oregon with a weekly cable tv

show and website to help educate others about cannabis and its benefits since its

legalization in Oregon.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last April 2018. I went thru 30 rounds of

radiation and chemo. During a followup scan in August 2019 the doctors found an

aneurysm in my brain, I had brain surgery in September to stop the bleeding. My

husband is disabled with seizures. At the same time i was going through treatments my

husbands health was rapidly declining and we couldn't keep making the house payments.

We lost our home in December due to changes in laws about growing and helping

patients,.My husband also had to have brain surgery in April to try and decrease

seizure activity.

We have two beautiful girls age 12 and 13 and are asking for some help from our

community, I'm hoping you guys can put a small twinkle in these little girls faces,

please consider my request."

Sarah - 13 likes computer animating
Lyla - 12 likes fashion art and makeup


Hannah Family - Connecticut
- This Family is Sponsored by Forest Crafters & Quantum Wellness, llc ♥


Kristi is a loving single mother who has suffered from PTSD all her life. Like so many,
the drugs prescribed by mental health experts did not help and had unwanted side effects.
Using Medical Marijuana has given Kristi a normal life, "it's helped tremendously, so I can
take care of my children." But being a single mother and a MMJ patient makes it difficult
to make ends meet. Kristi also broke her heel recently and has had to take time off from
work, making finances even more of a struggle.

Gotta love the hand written wish lists from Khalia, who is 8 and Kam who is almost 6!

Goodman Family - West Virginia
- This Family is Sponsored by Jasper & Ivy, LLC ♥

Several years ago, Mr. Goodman's home was raided over a plant. With changes in laws he

could have his record expunged and sealed, but that takes a lot of time and money.

Having a cannabis criminal history makes it much more difficult to find quality

employers. "Coal mines and fast food", along with odd jobs just to make ends meet.

"I'm the type that won't ask for help. But for the kids I'll swallow my pride. However

it goes I thank you for helping the youngins out during Christmas. I've thought about

emailing for a week and finally broke down. It's embarrassing for me. Thx for what you

do. You all have a Merry Christmas."

Mr. Goodman's daughter who's 7 "her list says, lol dolls and house (we have gotten those) scrunchies, Barbie car and a Barbie camping set,hair blingers, a lucky fortune toy. Her favorite game is Yahtzee and her favorite colors are pink and blue. She also wants Shopkins and a stuffed elephant, a jump rope and bathtub play soap as well. Her clothing sizes are a 10 (shirts, dresses,& pants) in little girls & her shoe size is a 2. She loves anything to do with JoJo Siwa and art sets(painting/coloring). My son is 16 & he's a wonderful young man who hardly ever ask for much. He wants some Airbuds & Aeropostale hoodies and a new Xbox one controller, he'd also like Xbox points and a really cool lamp for his room. He likes Axe gift sets and he wears a size large in shirts and his pants are size 30/32. I've been blessed to have two of the best kids, and they deserve a great Christmas that we're not in the position to give them. I can't thank you enough for helping me make this a Christmas to remember."


We have a very limited amount of time to get these families taken care of.

We also have a waiting list of families we have previously sponsored that we hope to help again this year, as well.

With your support we can help all these families have a brighter holiday season.

Every contribution matters!

Parents 4 Pot is a 501 (c) 3 and all donations are tax deductible.
Please message us at [email protected] for that info.

Please contact us directly at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to be a Family Sponsor.

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