Apples 2 Apples – One Parent’s Perspective - Parents 4 Pot

| January 28, 2016

By: Daniel Martinez

I've always been the type of parent who is honest with my children. Some would say a little too

honest. My response to that is one day they will learn the truth and look back and say, “Dad was

right.” But see, how right could I be about marijuana?


All I know is it was changing lives in a real way, and my son was looking to be a potential candidate

for some form of medical marijuana. So now begins the usual parenting tactic of “who, what, when,

where and why.” Well I knew who; that would be my youngest son. We can answer “what,” by

simply saying that as a concerned father, I was ready to explore medical marijuana as an alternative

to using pills for my son’s condition. The problem with this is that the doctors we tried in Las Vegas

were not impressive. They wanted to explore different medications at a slow pace and gradually

increase the dosage if nothing happens.

When I asked about medical marijuana, they had no information. The worse feeling in the world is

not being able to help your child. Every appointment or consultation I went to about my son would

leave me with a heavier heart then when I started. I would look online for information, and all I

found is stories of families being torn apart or forced to relocate over trying to give their kids a

fighting chance in life. Am I willing to cross that line to help my child? Would you? To be


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