Apples to Apples – One Parent’s Perspective - Parents 4 Pot

By, Daniel Martinez

Generally, when my kids ask what’s for dinner, I go and rattle off the special of the day. Tonight,

it’s spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and a salad. Our favorite! You see, when you’ve got

growing kids you want to make sure they eat well, sleep well and most importantly, stay focused

on school. To me education is everything. And, on this particular night we were all about to get

an education.  "Tell me, what do you guys know about marijuana?"

I never thought I’d see the day when I would have a conversation with my kids about marijuana.




Well, at least not in a positive light. Growing up in the intercity of San Diego in the 90s,

marijuana was all around. My mom never had "the talk" with me about it. But at the same time

she never treated it like it was poison or going to ruin lives. I would overhear her and the family

talking about smoking and how it helped my Aunt sleep or helped my uncle with his appetite.

Being young myself, I used to think, “Aren't you always hungry? I am!"

“You can go to jail!" Jonathan yells. "My friend at school says it cures cancer!" says Bella,

mouth full of bread. "Gives you the munchies." chimes in Nicholas not even taking the time to

look up from his dish. Wow! I got three very different answers. Yet all very true statements. Up

to this point my kids had no idea I smoked. Today they were about to find out. 

…To Be Continued


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