Cannabis Community Holiday Drive - Parents 4 Pot

By Mickey Martin

We are proud to announce that our third annual Parents 4 Pot Cannabis Community Holiday

Drive is going to be bigger and better than ever! Last year, we helped twenty-five families by

providing them with their holiday wishes through the generosity of the community. We raised

over $15,000 that all went directly to families for holiday lists on Amazon and in-kind donations.

This year we are hoping to help even more families and raise twice even more funding. We are

counting on the community to come through big for families who have been challenged by the

restraints and punishments created from the war on cannabis. We focus primarily on three types

of families to help with our Holiday Drive.


The first are POW children whose parents are serving time for cannabis related offenses. We

have been honored to be able to help the families left behind by our nation's archaic drug laws. It

is sad enough that these families do not get to see their moms or dads on a daily basis, but it is

paralyzing to not be able to be a part of the holidays because you are serving time for pot. Our

objectives of filling some of the gaps with gifts in the name of their parents go a long way to

making a bad situation a little better.

The second type of families we focus on are refugee families who have had to move to a

different state to receive cannabis treatments for children and family members. In some cases,

half of the family is forced to live in one state, while the rest of the family is forced to live in

states where cannabis is legal and available. Helping them with holiday gifts goes a long way to

them being able to make ends meet. It is crazy that we still live in a society that forces people to

move to different states to find safe and effective treatments.

The other types of families we look to help are members of the cannabis community who have

simply fallen upon hard times. There are people in this community who have dedicated their

lives to making the world a better place for cannabis users who have come upon difficult days.

We want to make sure to lift up and help the people who have helped the community and need a

little help to make their holidays special.

If you or your organization would like to commit funds to the drive, please email us at

[email protected] with the subject line "P4P HOLIDAY DONATION" and we will

follow-up to make arrangements. People can also PayPal money at any time to that email with

your request for it to be used for the Holiday Drive in the message area.

Once again, we thank you and are proud to be a part of such a vivacious and generous

community. We are truly humbled.



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