Global Cannabis March Brings Out Families - Parents 4 Pot

| May 11, 2014


The Global Cannabis March is my personal activist anniversary.   I attended my first march in Portland, Oregon in 2001.  I volunteered to register voters that day.  The March, the speakers and talking to people about why cannabis should be legal fanned an ember inside of me.  Thirteen years later, that ember has become a passionate fire that won’t be quenched until prohibition is over. 

Through the years, I have watched the March ebb and flow.  I was part of the organizing committee for a lot of those years.  Now, that torch has been passed on to others, and I just have to show up.  Now, I am one of the speakers, which still blows me away.  I don’t really have a good eye for determining the size of a crowd, but it seemed bigger this year.  What made me the happiest about the day was that this crowd included more families and children than ever before.

Parents 4 Pot Oregon had its first experience working a booth at this event.  Their board members all brought their families.  They had a beautiful banner and t-shirts that provided a great presence at the event.  Even the kids wore P4P t-shirts and leaf leis.   They played in the square and had a chance to make friends with kids from other like-minded families.  It was a beautiful thing 

Brandon Krenzler and Erin Purchase brought the Brave Family all the way from Eastern Oregon.  The once taboo topic of treating children with cannabis was mentioned by more than one speaker throughout the day.  But, it was Erin’s speech that touched my heart.  She talked about spending endless hours in the hospital for Brave Mykayla’s cancer treatments.  She painted a picture of the pain and suffering that the children there have to go through.  It was heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.   As she spoke, with Mykayla standing on stage with her, Erin reminded me to be grateful that I never had to fight such a battle for my healthy son.  She also showed us all the hope that successful treatment with cannabis brings for parents everywhere.   On this day, Mykayla was like all the other children at the square.  She ran and played, and she showed us all the truth without saying a word.   

Parents 4 Pot created a lot of buzz at Portland's March.  Our hope is that we will continue to reach families across the country with our message.  You can be an excellent parent and choose cannabis as medicine for yourself and your children.  You can be an excellent parent and choose to use cannabis socially and spiritually.  We are here to support you!  Join us as we end cannabis prohibition one family at a time.



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