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| November 26, 2015

We Need Your Support for the Third Annual Parents 4 Pot POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive. Help Us Help Those Affected by Cannabis Prohibition.

We are incredibly excited to announce our third annual Parents 4 Pot POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive. Our Holiday Drive is an amazing opportunity to bring joy and happiness to those who have suffered greatly at the hands of cannabis prohibition. This year we have really tried to expand our reach and are hoping to provide a great Christmas for over 30 families in need. WE NEED YOU TO STEP UP AND HELP US MAKE THIS A REALITY. Please consider making a substantial donation to this worthy cause.

The families we have chosen are all families who have suffered greatly from our Nation’s war on cannabis freedom. A number of the families are POWs who are currently serving time for cannabis related crimes, and who do not have the means to give their kids a great holiday. We provide a meaningful Christmas by hooking these kids up with gifts that they have asked for with a note about how their parents are heroes and not criminals. It is an amazing feeling to be able to support a prisoner who has been unjustly convicted by putting a smile on their kids’ faces for the holidays. For example, one of the prisoners we have supported is Luke Scarmazzo who is serving over 20 years for operating a dispensary in California. Last year after making Christmas special for his daughter, Jasmine, we received the following message:

Thank you. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Jasmine also wants to thank them and she coming up with some pictures and cards she wants to send out. P4P really made this year special for her. I really cannot express what it means to me. Jasmine is my world and for her to be happy and cared for in such a way was truly a blessing. Please let Parents 4 Pot know that I am in their debt and they forever have a friend in me… Regards, Luke

In addition to those in prison for cannabis, we also help medical cannabis refugee families who have had to uproot, and sometimes split up, their families to access medical cannabis in another state. This is often a real financial burden for families, and by providing support to them during the holidays we can help minimize the struggle for them. Can you imagine having to up and move to a completely different State leaving behind families, friends, and good paying jobs just to be able to use a medicine that is effective for treating the illness of one of your family members? It is unthinkable that we still live in a society where this happens, but it is all too true for many. We are glad to be able to help families who are in need due to this unfortunate reality.

We also provide support to cannabis activists and advocates who have come upon hard times. Tragedy can strike any of us at any time, and there are a lot of great families who need our support this holiday season to help make ends meet. It is an honor to be able to give back to members of this community at their greatest time of need, and to help them have great holidays regardless of the difficulties they may face. As a community, we can lift one another up and bring a smile to one another’s face. Life can be difficult, at times; and it is important for us to do what we can to help those in need who have dedicated themselves to cannabis freedom.

How Can You Help?

We are glad you asked! On our website we have created a Holiday Drive page where you will find a list of the many families we are helping this year. For each family you will find a short summary of their situation, and why we are supporting them. You will also find a link to an Amazon Wish List for each family that has specific gifts the family has chosen. You can simply find a family, or several families, who you would like to help and you can make a direct purchase from their Wish List. The gift will then be mailed directly to their home from you. It is an easy way for you to make a direct impact on the lives of these great families, and only takes a second of your time.

Another way you can help is to make a direct donation to the holiday drive to Parents 4 Pot through PayPal, and we can do the shopping for you! We understand that it is difficult to choose from so many great families, so if it is easier for you just send your donation to [email protected] through PayPal and we will make sure it is fairly distributed among the families. You can use the PayPal portal on our site HERE, or directly through PayPal just click on “Send Money” and enter our email address, and select “Send Money to Friends and Family.” In the area where it says “Write a note” just put “Holiday Drive” or you can specify a family you want to help as well. Enter the amount you would like to donate and click Continue” and then “Send Money Now.” We will receive the donation and add it to the Holiday Drive effort. Easy, right?

If you cannot do PayPal and would like to arrange for a donation by cash or check, please email us at [email protected] with your contact information and one of our Board members will contact you to make those arrangements. Due to banking matters, Pay Pal is the easiest solution; but we can certainly take your donation in other forms of payment, as well.

The P4P Seal of Approval

For those individuals and organizations going above and beyond we will be presenting them with the official Parents 4 Pot Seal of Approval. Any organization contributing $1,000 or more to the Holiday Drive this year will receive recognition for their generous effort. We will send you a certificate like the one below that you can display showing your amazing support for families affected by prohibition. You can use our seal in any promotional materials, and we will mention your organization on our social media outlets, on our website, and in our monthly write up in Skunk Magazine! We are honored to have several great organizations that have made this commitment already this year. Can we count on you to join them in making this holiday season incredibly special for our families in need? We are counting on you and truly appreciate your support. You can make the donation directly through PayPal, or we can make arrangements to get your donation through other means of payment. Just let us know what works best for you!

Thank You!

Parents 4 Pot is dedicated to helping families who are suffering due to the injustices of cannabis prohibition. Through the support of folks like you we can continue to help those in need, and provide education to help create a broader understanding about cannabis in relations to families in our society. It is long overdue that we end cannabis prohibition and quit destroying families by imprisoning people for cannabis and treating cannabis users like second-class citizens. We are eternally grateful to those who continue to support our mission and vision, and we are asking you to give generously to this year’s holiday drive. Last year we were able to provide an amazing experience for over 20 families through several donations from members of the cannabis community and cannabis businesses. This year we are taking on more than 30 families, so we need your support now more than ever. We appreciate your kindness and support. Together we really can make a difference in the lives of those affected by cannabis prohibition, and begin to end this battle once and for all. Thank you. 

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