Press Release - P4P Supports John Vergados - Parents 4 Pot

| December 11, 2015

Among the other great pieces John Vergados has written, “It Takes a Child to Raise a

Village” stands out with the compelling story of nine year old Mykayla, and her struggle

to overcome cancer using cannabis. This statement is issued by the Board of Directors

of the U.S. National Organization, Parents 4 Pot in support of Mr. Vergados and his

current struggle to defend himself from Canadian Federal Court charges of Importation,

Possession, Possession with Intent to Traffic and Conspiracy to Import and Traffic

Cannabis Seeds. 

We, the village, stand with Mr. Vergados and the children whom have

raised us. No person should be separated from their families or go to jail over the

cannabis plant or any part thereof. This should not happen at any time of the year, but

especially at Christmas time. It should not happen anywhere on Earth, especially

Canada. We implore the Canadian Government to make better use of their resources

to protect the families in their nation from serious threats, whether from within or abroad,

and immediately drop all criminal charges against Mr. Vergados!!

About Parents 4 Pot

THE MISSION of Parents-4-Pot is to be a dedicated voice for all families who support the end of hemp and cannabis

prohibition. We strive to defeat the social stigma surrounding adults who use cannabis responsibly. We support a

parent’s choice to use medical cannabis to treat their children's illnesses. Our work helps families with cannabis

related issues through education, direct action and organizational support.

THE VISION of Parents 4 Pot is for a world where cannabis is legal and available both for adults to use, and as a

medicine for children in need. We believe the prohibition of cannabis has been an absolute failure that damages

society immensely. It destroys the family unit and makes criminals out of good, caring people. We can no longer sit

by and watch as these laws target poor and minority communities. Our prisons are filled with honest and hard-

working people whose only crime is their decision to use a safe, enjoyable, and helpful plant.

We raise awareness and demand change in policy to create a new world. We hope to create a world where people

are no longer treated as lesser citizens and criminals for their decision to use cannabis. Parents 4 Pot believes that

cannabis is a positive choice for many families. It is no longer acceptable to use our resources to prosecute, imprison,

and limit access. Cannabis is clearly a safer alternative for many.

About Mr. John Vergados

John Vergados is the omnipresent editor of SKUNK Magazine, Canada’s premier marijuana cultivation publication.

Published ten times a year with additional grow specials, SKUNK includes in-depth how-to instructions from expert

growers such as The Rev and Ed Rosenthal, culinary chemist Jessica Catalano on cooking with cannabis, Peter

Gorman on politics, plus acclaimed writer Jack Rikess on the culture and politics of the times, as well as Tokin’

Female Interviews by Pebbles Trippet.

Vergados is fluent in three languages and an avid baseball fan and player with the broken bones to prove it. He is at

heart a humanitarian ambassador for cannabis. He uses the magazine to advocate for those deprived of medicine or

victimized by marijuana laws. He sponsors fund-raisers with a network of other humanitarians in the industry who

step up when others do not.

Contact: R.L. Marcy, National Public Policy Director, (907) 376-2232 or [email protected]

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