Parents 4 Pot at Portland Hempstalk - Parents 4 Pot

By, Brandon Krenzler

Hempstalk 2015 was held at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland, Oregon after a

hard battle with the parks department. The roster of speakers was full, and the conversation has

shifted from legalization to social acceptance and support for the medical program. The Parents 4

Pot booth was manned by members from the Oregon chapter.


The Oregon chapter has seen steady growth. They embrace the new recreational law while they

recognize the importance of keeping the medical program intact. This was their message

throughout the festival. Oregon may have legalized recreational cannabis, but the support for the

medical program needs to remain. Our work as activists is far from over. The federal government

still recognizes cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance. People are still being incarcerated

for nonviolent, victimless crimes stemming from drug war rules and regulations.

This is why Parents 4 Pot is thriving is every state that a chapter is founded. We must continue to

support our burgeoning new industry as credible representatives. We must support the families

that are affected by prohibition. We need to show those who are not open to cannabis that their

opinions are based on information that might not be accurate. We can all do something. You can

start by supporting your local Parents 4 Pot chapter.


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