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Moving into our 6th year working together at Parents 4 Pot, we continue evolving as individuals and as a Team. Always keeping Mickey at the front of our minds as we continue working diligently to help end prohibition, one family at a time.

I am honored and incredibly thankful to work with the best of the best across the nation and on the fringes of internationally; as the prohibition of cannabis is an issue we are dealing with, globally. Helping build networks of support, education, and direct outreach opportunities for the families most impacted by prohibition and our drug war POW community, we can never give up on Mickey's vision. It's a vision we each carry within ourselves to make a better world for today's and the future's generations. A future focused on thoughtfulness, healing and compassion for each other and this beautiful planet we fly through on across the heavens. The Green Renaissance. It's here, now, and calling. We create the direction the future moves in. So, let's do it.

Elinor Clark

Elinor continues on this journey with us, keeping watch over the work we do and making sure it is in line with our Founder, Mickey Martin's vision. We miss you Mickey, give all our loved ones on the flip-side a #High5 ♥

R. L. Marcy
Public Policy Director

Marcy has been with P4P for the last 4 years as the Team Leader of Alaska and as our Public Policy Director since 2015. Marcy helped us develop our Organization into a 501c3 and keeps us inline with over 30 years experience in the legal field. Marcy is our super-booster, voice of reason and an incredibly valuable asset to our team.

Josh "Mohawk" Pisco
Fundraising Director

Josh is the father of 3 beautiful children and an amazing Glass Artist. He has been a Team Leader with New Hampshire for the last 4 years and Fundraising Director for the last 2+ years. Josh supports P4P in as many ways as he can. Trustworthy and well respected in the pot community, Josh helps us reach our financial goals for the Scholarship in Honor and Memory of Mickey Martin as well as our Annual Cannabis Community and POW Holiday Drive.

Weldon Angelos
POW Outreach Director

Weldon spent 13 years of what was supposed to be a 55 year mandatory sentence in prison. Receiving clemency through the Obama Administration, Weldon continues his work as a Music Artist and an Activist. He continues to advocate for fellow POW's of the drug war. His documentary, "Unlikely Allies," is almost ready to hit the screens. P4P has always considered the plight of cannabis POW's as a main focus. We are incredibly thankful to work with Weldon on direct action, education and outreach in the POW community.

Julie Chiariello
Executive Director - SKUNK Magazine Family

In her own words because the gifts she carries, are many:
As a woman in business for the last two decades I have enjoyed bringing green, cutting edge products successfully to market and empowering others to succeed. I am a medical user, an herbalist and believe in the use and protection of herbal medicines in all their forms. I am a champion of new style business that upholds the tenets of sustainability, empowered consumerism, philanthropy and a more intelligent use of our collective resources. I have successfully built and led the sales teams of various companies within the yoga, health and wellness industries and entered the Cannabis market in the vaporizer manufacturing segment, where I was blessed to cultivate a global network of friends and activists. In my travels, I have heard stories that have touched and enraged me and have moved me to action in my work at SKUNK Magazine in empowering small businesses to succeed and giving a voice to the unseen and unheard that continue to suffer and and be torn apart by this heinous public crime. I am devoted to a green renaissance, not a green/greed rush and I am just one in the midst of millions who are banding together globally to tear the ugly plague of prohibition down and be living bridges into the future creating healing for the people and the planet. SKUNK Magazine is a multimedia platform that offers opportunity for engagement through print, online, video, social media and through strategic introductions and partnerships in the Global cannabis marketplace. SKUNK Magazine is a 15 year old publication where all of the best minds and companies in the industry can come together and speak, we are an information super highway that gives evidence of a green renaissance, whether it's through organics, permaculture, the leading-edge of technology, farming, genetics, philanthropy, education or empowered consumerism, sustainable business practices, or green ethics, we are a platform that shows that we are being the change that we want to see in everything we do. We are a Global vendor alliance of innovative companies, change makers and thought leaders, standing in solidarity, protecting our shared vision and the type of cannabis culture that we want to see.

Deanna Jean (DJ) Ryther
Co-Founder - Team Coordinator

Anna Diaz

Although Anna is no longer on the BOD in order to help with other issues that will help change the world, Anna continues her work as our much loved and trusted Treasurer and deserves to be included here as the work she does is critical to ensuring the funds we raise get out to the community through our venues of support and outreach.

Parents 4 Pot is more than an organization; we are an ever expanding family that works towards a better future for our children and future generations.

We hope you make the decision to get involved. Your voice and your story truly matter.

Looking forward.

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