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On November 11th, 2013 Mickey Martin founded Parents 4 Pot.

Parent by parent, one family at a time the Vision expands as we continue the Mission with, "one foot in front of the other" to end prohibition.

While Mickey may be gone from his earthly form, he will always be remembered. The light Mickey brought into this world can never be extinguished; his torch lit countless others. Mickey truly helped change the world on so many levels; we will always be thankful. The journey continues onward with a constant reflection of our much loved and respected leader in the works we'll do together for many years to come.

We have expanded our organization in ways that we know Mickey would expect and accept. We've developed a Fundraising Team and a Prisoner of War (POW) Outreach Team  to broaden our outreach and help uplift more families that have been harmed by prohibition.

It is an honor to introduce you to our expanded Board of Directors (BOD).

We are incredibly grateful for Elinor Clark to join us as The Overseer.
No one knew Mickey better than Elinor. It is an honor for Elinor to join us and keep watch over how we continue to grow, sharing her insights and helping us stay on course.

Anna Diaz - Treasurer

Anna has been with Parents 4 Pot (P4P) since the very beginning. One of the founding members she has taken on several roles as our organization has evolved through the years. We are honored for Anna to take on the tasks as Treasurer. With this change, we've relocated our headquarters to Oregon and have been able to establish a bank account. It's a huge step forward in the movement. Her personal journey in over a decade of activism has taught her how to wear many hats. Her leadership skills, insights and heart to help others are precious.



R.L. Marcy - Public Policy Director

Marcy has been with P4P for the last 3 years as Team Leader of Alaska and coming into our BOD as our Public Policy Director in 2015. Marcy helped us develop our Organization into a 501c3 and keeps us in line with over 30 years experience in the legal field. Marcy is our super-booster, voice of reason and an incredibly valuable asset to our team.

Susan Meehan - Secretary

Susan joined Parents 4 Pot as a Team Leader for Maine in 2015. Susan has walked a million miles spiritually and has gathered unique gifts along the way.  Her unwavering compassion, insight, direction and willingness to stand in the way to make a better way make Susan a gift in so many ways.  It is such an honor to have Susan on the BOD as our Secretary.

Jill Hitchman - Family Outreach Director

If you've seen the video of Jill speech at the courthouse in Massachusetts, then you already know her intensity moved so many. Jill shows people how to turn their pain into purpose and encourages others to find their voice. As our Family Outreach Director, Jill networks with many families to bring people together. Jill is the Team Leader of Massachusetts and Mother of 2 amazing young ladies. Don't be fooled by her gentle smile; she's a powerhouse.

Pictured: Tatyana Rivera of #TuffysFight featured in SKUNK Magazine

Melissa Bouchard - Membership Director

Melissa has been a Team Leader with Rhode Island since the beginning of 2014. Her Rolodex of skills is amazing and inspiring. Protection for those who need it is her forte. This wonder woman not only talks the talk, Melissa takes action and teaches others along the way. We are so thankful for Melissa to join our BOD as our Membership Director as we continue to grow.

Tori LaChapelle - Executive Director

Tori is also a founding member with P4P. As one of two Executive Directors, Tori shares her many skills. As a medical professional, she assists families that seek help with her amazing gifts of compassion and understanding and gets them pointed in the right direction. Tori is now a refugee from Wisconsin living in Colorado. Tori maintains an active role  and helps others across the nation.

Rich Budzi - Executive Director

Rich Budzi, as he's lovingly called and known in the pot community, has a special soul. Rich has been with P4P since the beginning as a Team Leader for Rhode Island. He's the go to man for who's who on the East Coast. Bringing Rich and his skills into the BOD has long been part of the plan. Rich has a heart made of pure gold. He's an educator, activist, advocate and so much more. His skills are plentiful,and his insights are incredibly valuable as we move forward.

Josh Mohawk Pisco - Fundraising Team Director _ East Coast

Josh is the father of 3 beautiful children and an amazing Glass Artist. He has been a Team Leader with New Hampshire for the last 3 years. He supports P4P in as many ways as he can. Trustworthy and well respected in the pot community, Josh joined our BOD to help us meet our financial goals. 

Michael (Bike) Hawley - Fundraising Team Director - The Mids

No one really knows who this guy is unless you're in his circle. His gentle heart is as big as his fists. We are so thankful Bike has joined our BOD as part of our Fundraising Team for the  Middle State, or the Mids. Not to be confused with "mids," Bike's mission to help us gather support spans the East and the West.

Addison DeMoura - Fundraising Team Director - West Coast

Addison has been a long time supporter of P4P. Bringing in his skills and diverse connections, we are grateful he's joining our Team as the West Coast Fundraising Director. Addison is very well respected, incredibly educated and a trail blazer within the pot community.

Weldon Angelos - POW Outreach Director

Weldon spent 13 years of what was supposed to be a 55 year mandatory sentence in prison. Receiving clemency through the Obama Administration, Weldon continues his work as a Music Artist and an Activist. He continues to advocate for fellow POWs of the drug war. His documentary, "Unlikely Allies," is almost ready to hit the screens. P4P has always considered the plight of cannabis POWs as a main focus. We are incredibly thankful to work with Weldon on direct action, education and outreach in the POW community.

Deanna Jean (DJ) Ryther - Chapter Coordinator

"'Fate is seldom wrong...' Mickey's wisdom constantly rings through my thoughts, his guidance forever etched in my heart."

As a co-founder of P4P, DJ is the glue that keeps P4P together. She manages our social media and has brought together over 30 chapters of Parents 4 Pot and several in other countries. Her boundless energy and fierce dedication to ending prohibition make her a true warrior. Her ability to remain kind while being honest combined with her unique life experiences make her a perfect fit for the P4P BOD.

We have grown a lot over the last 4 years. P4P now has teams developing in 38 states and 6 countries. Every day P4P continues to grow. Loved ones have leveled up. Babies have been born. Laws have changed, while people in all walks of life have opened their hearts and minds to the truth about pot as they realize the harms of prohibition.

Parents 4 Pot is more than an organization; we are an ever expanding family that  works towards a better future for our children and future generations.

We hope you make the decision to get involved. Your voice and your story truly matter.

Looking forward.

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