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Policy Statement

Scholarship Grants

Parents 4 Pot, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the support of families caught in the life or death battles in the “war” on drugs in the United States and around the world. The board is filled with dedicated activists who donate their time and resources free of charge to this organization to provide holiday assistance to families on the front lines and much more. This year we offered three educational scholarships for the first time. This is part of our expansion to support the families who support the end of cannabis prohibition!

Scholarships, unlike lotteries or our holiday and assistance programs, are offered to anyone who is attending, or about to attend college. College oriented applicants are not excluded from applying because they have a family member involved with or supporting this organization. We discussed this in detail as a board because one of our prospective candidates is the son of a board member. In keeping with the IRS guidelines, we encouraged this outstanding young man to apply.

Donations solicited from the general public by tax exempt corporations must follow the Internal Revenue Service’s requirements for 501(c)3 corporations concerning the use of those funds. This is particularly true when donations were solicited for specific purposes, such as for scholarships, or when funds that were solicited from the general public have been designated to be awarded as payment for scholarships in any designated amount. The offer must be open to all applicants in the same categories established; in this case they were “merit” based. The award of the scholarship must be equally available to all qualified applicants, and no applicant may be excluded from the selection process, by law. Applicants that were considered could not be excluded because of race, creed, sexual orientation, or relationship to members of the Board of Directors, without violating the prohibition against discrimination in seeking applicants for awarding scholarships. There were three applicants for scholarships. Three scholarships were awarded, without discrimination toward any applicant since all three met the scholarship criteria.

We announced the scholarship results publicly for the total transparency of Parents 4 Pot and because we were excited about the new scholarship program. The student in question deserved to win the scholarship, and the board of Parents 4 Pot stands by this decision. Our National Policy Advisor works to keep this organization in compliance with local, state and federal laws. Our compliance ensures a long and successful ability to help the children of cannabis prisoners’ have a happy holiday or chance to attend college. We help support and educate families who find relief from cannabis when other options have failed them. We know that, together, we continue to make positive changes, and we ask for your support. Please consider giving to our Sixth Annual Holiday Drive underway now. Together, small donations can make large contributions to ending prohibition, one family at a time.

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