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| June 19, 2015


June 8, 2015

Parents 4 Pot is a national organization that supports recreational and therapeutic cannabis use. The recent actions by the State of Kansas against Shona Banda violate her constitutional rights and have no basis. Ms. Banda is a cannabis activist, author and mother of two children. She uses cannabis to treat her Crohn’s Disease and documents her success in her book. Her prosecution may violate mandatory federal and state statutes under the Controlled Substances Act. Parents 4 Pot contends that the actions of the State of Kansas are criminal at best.

Banda’s eleven-year-old son was unlawfully interrogated after stating the truth when faced with misinformation about cannabis. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in our schools. Their use of antiquated information runs rampant, and our children pay the price. We hold fast to the premise that no family should have the sanctity of their families and homes violated because of their choice of medicine. Ms. Banda has committed no crime, and we believe that the use of State of Kansas judicial powers to prosecute Ms. Banda for any cannabis crimes is unconscionable. We support Shona in her fight to end the persecution of her family. For information about how you can help, please visit

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