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P4P Scholarship in Honor and Memory of Mickey Martin


It's hard to believe It has been just over a year since we lost our beloved friend, leader and founder of Parents 4 Pot. We've worked hard this past year to continue the mission Mickey Martin began to end prohibition, one family at a time.
Shortly before Mickey's passing we discussed a project to help those most affected by the war on drugs. Mickey carried with him a vision we all share of a better world - a world without cannabis stigma and prohibition.

In honor and memory of Mickey Martin we will offer scholarships for continued education. Part of our mission is rooted in education. Education is imperative to the success of our collective future and for the future of our children's children.

The Parents 4 Pot Board of Directors will choose a Prisoner-of-War Family to help as well as others who wish to apply for the Parents 4 Pot Scholarship.

With the greatly appreciated financial support of our followers, we are prepared to offer two scholarships this year. We hope to offer more in the future.

If you'd like to apply, please send the following information to [email protected]
- Your name and address with a photo of yourself/with family.
- Your academic plans.
- How you and your family have been impacted by prohibition.
- How you will use your degree to help others.
- Why you are a good candidate for this scholarship.

Those chosen for this year’s scholarship will be announced after the application deadline of September 1, 2018.

Mickey's ambitions changed a lot of lives and in many ways, Mickey helped change the world. At Parents 4 Pot, we continue to take action to end prohibition every way we can. We work to uplift our community and bring good people together. All of us have been inspired by our beloved friend and leader, Mickey Martin. With our new scholarship program, we hope to help create our future leaders.

2017 POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive

Here we are, the 5th Annual Parents 4 Pot POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive...

Over the previous 4 Holidays we've gathered people coast to coast to help uplift others in their times of struggle.

Prisoner of War (POW) Families
Let's begin with our POW Families who have members that are serving time for a plant. A few of these families have been sponsored since this organization began. We'll continue until they're reunited with their families. We recently developed the Parents 4 Pot  POW Outreach so we can provide POW education and support year round. A special shout out of love, honor and gratitude goes out to Cheri Sicard She has helped network between Parents 4 Pot, the POWs and their families over the years. Community pulling together to help one another is what this is all about.

POW - Luke Scarmazzo

Luke Scarmazzo has been in prison since 2008 serving a 20 year mandatory minimum sentence. His daughter Jasmine has grown up fast while her Father fights in the trenches as deep as one can get in this drug war. Jasmine is an intelligent and inspiring advocate for her Father and others incarcerated. You can find the Scarmazzo Family Wish List HERE

Here is a letter from Luke Scarmazzo:

Back when the marijuana industry was in its infancy it took tremendous courage to be involved. When we opened CHC, our marijuana dispensary, I never thought I could get 22 years in federal prison behind it; the consequence came right out of the shadows. Nevertheless, if our actions contributed to the freedoms experienced today--i.e. millions of American adults able to use marijuana without fear of retribution--then it was all worth it. But no matter how just the cause or unjust the imprisonment, it doesn't make prison any easier. Oftentimes its lonely, stressful, and downright inhumane. These feelings are amplified during the holidays. That's when my yearning for family and community are greatest. And it kills me to see how my absence affects my daughter. I'm supposed to be her protector and provider yet from behind these bars fulfilling those duties is next to impossible. The greatest casualties of the War on Drugs, by far, are the children.

I've been incarcerated since 2008, and from the beginning Mickey Martin and Parents 4 Pot have been there for me and my family. Mickey passed away earlier this year but his spirit lives on through the selfless work of the many volunteers and financial backers at P4P. During the most trying time of the year--when the haunting of prison is felt most--P4P helps fill the void by providing gifts, smiles, and Christmas cheer to so many struggling families. Their contributions to freedom, the marijuana movement, and most importantly the children, are beyond extraordinary and I cannot thank them enough for the work they do. Even though they've sought no recognition, I hope my words can give some semblance of their charitable deeds, the deep gratitude I hold for them, and the immeasurable joy they spread during the holiday season.

From a father in prison, thank you.

Strength & Love,
Luke Scarmazzo

POW - Crystal Munoz

Crystal Munoz is currently serving 19 years and 10 months in prison for conspiracy charges for marijuana involving a larger trafficking ring. She's been in prison since 2007. Because of prior possession charges and mandatory sentencing guidelines, she received an extremely harsh sentence after pleading not guilty and going to trial. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters who could use some love this holiday season. She was pregnant with her youngest child when first put in custody. Please read and support her release by visiting Crystal HERE

Ricky is a solo parent while his life partner Crystal continues to serve a 20 year prison sentence for pot.They have 2 beautiful Daughters together, Crystal (10) and Nova (9). Nova was born while Crystal was already serving time, a new born Daughter placed in the loving arms of her Father. Let's bring some holiday cheer into this family's life. And please remember to write letters of support for all our POW's until all POW families are reunited. You can find the Munoz Family Wish List HERE

POW - Corvain Cooper

I was the sole provider of my family before I was taken away from my kids. I picked my daughters up and took them to school everyday. I started my clothing store SC Clothing named after my daughters and had pictures of them airbrushed on a mural on the wall of the store. My family needs help because my daughters are lost and deprived of the extras life has to offer. Thank you for your help.”

Corvain Cooper, is serving a life sentence in prison for cannabis after being convicted under extremely suspicious circumstances. He was indicted in January of 2013 for violations of Federal Distribution and Money Laundering statutes in the Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte.  He had never been to Charlotte. After spending a day with family, he was preparing to go see his daughter's drill team competition. Federal agents arrived and arrested Corvain in front of his children and neighbors. He was extradited to Charlotte to face the current charges.  Due to the distance, his family was not able to afford to come visit him or attend his trial. The entire case was built on statements made for plea agreements, and agents. Corvain was "offered" 15 to 20 years if he pled guilty to things he knew he had not done.  He was facing a life sentence if he exercised his right to trial and lost.  He did the only thing he felt was correct; he took it to trial thinking the truth would come out. Corvain has two amazing daughters who are in great need of your support this holiday season. His daughters live separately.

Twelve year old Cleer Cooper's  Wish List can be found HERE
Eight year old Scotlyn Cooper's Wish List can be found HERE

For more information on Corvain's case please click HERE

POW - Lance Gloor

Ashley (19) is a very humble young lady and she misses her Daddy horribly! Lance was sentenced to 10 years in prison 15 days before Ashley's high school graduation. Ashley is currently a sophomore in college at Arizona State University studying Kinesiology so she can help others as a Pediatric Physicians Assistant. Lance's Mother and Grandmother have worked tirelessly for Lance's  release.

For more information on Lance's case please click HERE

You can find the Gloor Family Wish List HERE

POW - The Thomas Family

he Thomas Family has been in a tight spot and have lost a lot since Mr. Thomas was convicted for a marijuana crime. They have lost their home and are staying with family. Mr. Thomas was using Cannabis to medicate his stage 4 renal disease but is being sent to prison instead. This leaves their children, David (12) and Livia (4) without their Father. You can find the Thomas Family Wish List HERE

Refugee Families
Refugee Families are families who have been forced to divide themselves or totally uproot from their communities in hopes of finding safe access to cannabis for themselves or their children. It's an unfortunate reality too many are faced with while we're in the process of ending prohibition.

The Martin Family - Colorado Refugee from Illinois

im Martin is caught in a horrible situation. He is from "Chicagoland" and has a nine year old son, Jacob. Three years ago his home was raided. The authorities found 57 plants. No guns, no drugs, no heaps of cash. After the raid Jim acquired a lawyer and in the first few court appearances his options were looking pretty bleak. Illinois was offering 7 years in prison. After speaking with others who expressed sympathy and concern that no one should go to jail for a plant, Jim packed up himself, a few essentials and his dog to leave for Denver, Colorado. He was "on the run" for about 3 years. One morning in Colorado there was a knock on his door and when he answered he found himself surrounded by federal agents, with a significant amount of assault weapons pointed directly at him. There were no new charges, just an out of state warrant being served. He was taken to a Colorado jail to see a judge and fought extradition. Jim was given the option to make bond with the caveat that he returned to Illinios to resume his case. He is struggling to find steady work due to being out on bond for growing cannabis and struggling to make ends meet. Any help would be much appreciated. You can find the Martin Family Wish List HERE

The Ray Family - Colorado Refugee from Alabama

he Ray Family moved to Colorado in 2015 to save 8 year old Nathaniel’s life with cannabis. Originally from Alabama, Nathaniel failed over 11 different medications and multiple combinations of multiple medications.  The only choices left were the VNS and the corpus callosotomy, which both require surgery. The Rays packed up their  family in Alabama and moved to Colorado to give Nathaniel a chance at life without seizures. The Rays still haven’t found anything that really works, so they are spending a lot of money on different forms of cannabis to control his seizures. Robin's husband has also been laid off of work for the last few weeks. He is currently looking for a job that can give him the hours and pay they need as a family. The Ray's have 5 children. Caroline (13), Kyleigh (11), Nathaniel (8), Colton (4) and Zachary (5 months).
You can find the Ray Family Wish List HERE

The Brown Family - Colorado Refugee from Indiana

Katie Brown is a single Mother and medical marijuana refugee from Indiana now living in Colorado with her Son Riley (12). She faces many medical hardships which she is overcoming by having safe and legal access to cannabis. Due to the absurd living costs of Colorado's market they are living in a trailer parked on a friend's land. Riley deals with some mental health issues as a result of being taken away from his Mother because she chose to use cannabis for her conditions. After fighting with Child Protective Services for over a year, her case was dismissed as there was no evidence of abuse or neglect. Together, they moved to Colorado. Katie is currently looking into getting Riley a medical marijuana card. "Isn't it ironic that prohibition caused his problems but cannabis can help?" We agree and call on the community to help lift this family up. Riley likes KitKat, mint flavored sugar free gum, and those suckers that are dye and hfcs free. You can find the Brown Family Wish List HERE

The Sanchez Family - Colorado Refugee from Texas

Meet Team Sanchez. Steve and Amanda have three children; Madison (8), Aaron (6) and Rize (3). They suffer from a rare genetic disorder called Glycogen Storage Disease. Their little fingers get poked all the time to check their glucose levels.  Their livers are not able to process sugar, resulting in severe low blood sugar and high ketotic acidosis, which causes seizures. If not treated properly, this can be fatal. There is no medication or cure for this disease.  It took 4 long scary years to get Madison diagnosed and her life was almost lost more than they would like to admit. With no medication to treat the weakening symptoms this disease presents, they moved over 1,000 miles away from Corpus Christi, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado for medical cannabis for all three kids. Its been tough because they miss their grandparents. But their quality of life has improved thanks to cannabis. You can find the Sanchez Family Wish List HERE

The Jessica Anderson Family - Colorado Refugee from Tennessee

Noah's Mom, Jessica has been sick since shortly after his birth. She tried and failed all treatments in Tennessee. She was at risk of losing her bladder and opiates shutting down lung function. Her doctors recommended medical cannabis, so she flew to CO after a lot of research to try it, and it helped! Jessica filed to move to Colorado with her son, but the courts in Tennessee said she wasn't allowed to move Noah. Jessica has been in Colorado for a year, and is completely off opiates. She uses cannabis to help manage her conditions now. She has to travel a lot to see her son. Noah gets to come to Colorado, and she's spent  almost $1000 just to get him home for Christmas.  Jessica lives on disability, so that cost was a huge hardship. We would appreciate any help to ensure Noah has a great Christmas!  You can find the Jessica Anderson Family Wish List HERE

The Seeley Family - Oregon Refugees from Florida

The Seeley Family moved from Florida to Oregon a year and a half ago to have safe access to their medicine. Ryan has PTSD and Mandee suffers from seizures. They found housing right before the harsh winter, and things have been slowly going up from there.Mandee has been able to find a great job, though Ryan is looking for work again as his last job was recently completed. With their new lease and higher bills, they're still not at a stable place financially. They're hoping by next year they'll be on the other side of the spectrum and donating to the cause. Ryan and Mandee have 2 children, Amaya (8) and Paxton (6). You can find the Seeley Family Wish List HERE

The Schmidt Family - Colorado Refugees from Kansas

Emelyse is very special. She was born very early due to pre-eclampsia, doctors didn’t actually think she’d make it. She developed a lot of severe health issues like Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus. After 4.5 months in the NICU she came home and shortly after started having seizures. At a year she was diagnosed with 2 forms of incurable epilepsy. Doctors said she probably wouldn’t live very long. She seemed to improve with medication. But in 2016 she went to have a tonsillectomy to try and help her eat by mouth. Afterwards, she stopped breathing and turned blue and started to seize 100% of the time. Doctors then declared her terminal and told her family to take her home and make her comfortable. Through some very fortunate fundraising from local businesses, the family was able to move to Colorado and get her cannabis oil. It has helped her a lot over the last 2 years, and she would likely be dead without it. Her seizures are getting worse again. Her family is trying to do everything they can with her and give her as many wonderful memories as possible in however much time they have. You can find the Schmidt Family Wish List HERE

Activist Families
The all too often unsung heroes of our movement often face struggles, too. They can be targeted for their activism, which can manifest in many ways. 

The Lewallen Family

ric Lewallen is a longtime activist and part of the Oregon Parents 4 Pot Team. He's not one to usually ask for help but he and his wife Stephanie a were in a horrible car wreck at the beginning of the year. Eric was in rehab for 2 months and still not able to go back to work. She was off for 3 months due to her injuries. During those times they fell behind on bills after using up all of their  savings to keep food in the house, pay rent and whatever else they could do to stay afloat. They are left with no funds for the holiday season. They have two boys 15 and 17 who are their world. They are strong hearted and well-behaved boys that have taken the world on with a disabled Father. Life has not been easy for them. Any help at all would be totally appreciated. And, while Eric doesn't want anything for himself, he would love to get his wife something because she does so much for their family while being his caregiver. You can find the Lewallen Family Wish List HERE

The Warrior Family

Jaqie Angel (5) is one of Kirk and Brittany's 4 beautiful children. Jaqie has been on cannabis oil since 20 months old for uncontrolled seizures. At 5 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy for which there's no cure. She had 100-300+ seizures daily, lost all development, ability to hold her head up, cry, vision, everything. Her parents tried every AED available in Oklahoma. The doctors were suggesting brain surgery. Her parents refused. Her Tulsa neurologist recommended a trial of cannabis oil in Colorado. CBD only didn't work but whole plant did! Jaqie's seizures were reduced 85-95%; brain waves dramatically improved; personality came back and her vision improved. In their public fight to save their Daughter's life and advocate for others, the Warrior Family has become a target in Oklahoma. Despite their efforts Oklahoma passed a CBD only law. This year, the Warrior Family was reported to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for giving Jaqie cannabis oil and medical neglect for not giving her pharmaceuticals. Their lawyer was present when DHS came. He advised them not to release medical records. DHS claimed they were non compliant, and the family is still fighting an open case. The lawyer said they could face charges depending on the District Attorney. So, The Warrior Family put their house up for sale and moved to a travel trailer to offset the cost of Jaqie's cannabis oil. The family still struggles to make ends meet. The hardships have been worth it to save Jaqie's life. Jaqie has 3 older Sisters; Lovle (7), Lailah (9) and Ania (10) who all love their little Sister. To learn more about this amazing family, please visit their facebook page HERE

You can find the Warrior Family Wish List HERE

Chanel Anderson Family

il and Chanel are a newly blended family that has spent the last year finding a home together and creating stability for their children, Bjorn (8) and Stone (3). As a hard working Mom who relies on Cannabis as her only medicine, it can be tough to feel well enough to work a full time job, but she does. Chanel was happy earlier this year to get a dollar raise only to find out it caused a $300 per month cut to their food stamps. The family's budget is tighter than ever in spite of Chanel's raise. It's hard sometimes to choose between toys and experiences for their kids and the medicine Chanel needs to be well. Chanel's mental and physical health depend on medical cannabis, but her kids rely on her to provide more than hugs. Kids like toys and gifts, and moreover, they deserve them. With winter coming, new tires for the car and other necessities just keep standing in their way.  In addition, her grower dropped her as a patient a few months ago with no warning, and her landlord has forbidden her to grow cannabis. They want to give their boys the Christmas they deserve after this last year of huge change. Help from Parents 4 Pot will allow them to continue to afford Chanel's medicine while giving their kids a great holiday. You can find the Anderson Family Wish List HERE

The Awbrey Family

Carrie and her husband Rian have two children, Kallie (18) and Madelyn (15). Madelyn was born with Hydrocephalus, an abnormal accumulation of spinal fluid in the brain. Madelyn has a shunt which diverts the excess spinal fluid to her abdomen. Having had over 30 brain surgeries, she developed seizures at 5 months old. Over 2 years ago they started her on CBD oil to try and treat her pain because nothing was helping . They discovered CBD helped control her seizures as well as relieve her headaches and other pain. They've been able to successfully take her off some of her medications, and it has been a miracle. Maddie is in less pain, is having fewer seizures and more importantly, she is taking fewer pills. You can find the Awbrey Family Wish List HERE

The Rumery-Boucher Family

Angela Rumery-Boucher is fully disabled do to fibromyalgia, lupus and other chronic health conditions. She lives with her husband, Michael Boucher and 3 children, Krishauna (12), Cadience (13) and Alazander (9). Alazander has a rare bone disease called MHE or Defiseal Aclasis. The family flies with PALS Flight to Boston Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners frequently where Alazander has his doctors' appointments. This year in March, he had to have surgery on his spine to remove a Osteochondromas, a tumorous bone growth. Unfortunately, Alazander's condition is life long. There is no cure. This year, all their medical plants were stolen. It was all they had to make it through the winter. You can find the Rumery Family Wish List HERE

The Brandie Anderson Family

Cannabis helps Brandi every day. She is a long term 21 year survivor of HIV and without the use cannabis she cannot function daily and becomes very sick. Her husband used to grow her medicine, but due to housing issues they are no longer able to do so. This forces Brandi to purchase cannabis,  fo which the family doesn’t always have funds. Brandi ends up being sick most of the time - nauseous from the pharmaceuticals she has to take. Their family is a low income family living on social security and food stamps monthly. They struggle, but they survive. They are a very small family of 3 and two small dogs. Their daughter, Daniella (17) is a senior in high school and is dedicated to making sure she graduates this year. You can find the Anderson Family Wish List HERE

The Holt Family

The Holt family has faced so much tragedy. In January of 2015, Madeline (5) was diagnosed with a terminal genetic disease, Zellweger Syndrome. Maddie took a turn for the worst and she developed seizures. Within an eight week period she was on 26 pharmaceuticals, admitted into hospice and her short life was expected to end any time. This was when her parents discovered full extract cannabis oil. Not only is little Maddie alive because of whole plant medicine, but she is off 23 pharmaceuticals, off hospice and continuously makes improvements. Despite being given a prognosis of living to be one year of age, she celebrated her fifth birthday on November first of this year! Her mother and father are her full-time caregivers, and the family lives on a very small fixed income. Prohibition has made it almost impossible for this family to reintegrate into society. Determined to make a difference, Madeline's Mother, Meagan donates her time serving as the vice-chair of the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library. She is also an active member of the Cannabis Alliance, NORML Women of WA, twenty22many, and the Viper PAC. She self-published her first book this year, Just Breathe, BabyIt gives readers a first time look through poetry and intimate journal entries into what it is like when there are no more medical options for your child, when you are told your child is going to die. Every day is another miracle for Madeline. Due to lack of research, the family still faces the grim reality that Maddie is on borrowed time. Any day they could wake up and have to start the hardest day of their lives. Maddie has a little Sister, Olivia (3). You can learn more about this amazing family at Madelines Whole Plant Journey.

The Holt Family is hoping to have Maddie stay through the Holidays and possibly even into the New Year. They need financial support more than anything to help cover the incredible costs of having a child with such special needs and at such a special time in their family's journey.

Please consider donating directly to their fundraiser HERE.

For gift certificates and other gifts you can find the Holt Family Wish List HERE

The Hutchens Family

icaih is a 7 year old little boy who has many complex medical issues, epilepsy being the most major one. The Hutchens have been blessed to have the help of medical marijuana which seems to be doing wonders for controlling the seizures. It takes almost every dollar the family has to buy the oil needed on a daily basis. Micaih's Grandmother has been raising him on her own since both his parents were incarcerated in 2013. They live on Social Security, which leaves no money to buy Christmas presents. Micaih is also diagnosed with Autism and is absolutely in love with Santa Claus! Micaih was nonverbal before medical marijuana. This is his first year he's been able to speak and he continually says, "I love Christmas!" The family will be forever grateful to make Micaih's Christmas wishes come true. Without help from Parents 4 Pot, it won't be possible to put anything under the tree for this little boy! You can find the Hutchens Family Wish List HERE

The Speese Family

Louann Speese is a single mother of five beautiful daughters, three daughters live at home, one who has had seizures since she was 9 days old. Because Louann dedicates so much of her time to taking care of young Diana's health issues, it has been difficult for her to keep up with the increasing costs of life. She has been active in Pennsylvania to try and get lawmakers there to allow for medical cannabis. She continues to fight for the right of her daughter to have access to cannabis medicines that have proven to be effective for her condition. Her 3 daughters. Diana (20), Hannah (17), and Grace (15), depend on her for everything. In April 2016,  Pennsylvania passed Act 16 to protect parents of minor children who use medical marijuana legally. Unfortunately, Diana was "aged out" of the program as she is not a minor. Diana has some serious medical issues that leave her cognitively at the age of a 2-3 year old. Being a single parent isn't easy and adding in a special needs kid makes it a more intense journey. It's difficult to get her kids the things they want in addition to the things they need. Please help Louann and her three daughters have a great Christmas.You can find the Speese Family Wish List HERE

The Hulin Family

rian and Christina are the parents of two beautiful, medically fragile children, Peighton (8) and Lincoln (5). Their children suffer from a rare genetic disease called Ponto Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Both have had many hospitalizations over the years, leading both kids having tracheotomies and g-tubes.
Currently, the Hulin Family is using medical marijuana for seizure control and comfort measures.  They work very hard to maintain the constant complex care required for their children to have as normal a life as possible. They use New York's medical marijuana program to obtain THC based medication and CBD product from Colorado. This is outrageously expensive, but worth every cent and sacrifice. Cannabis is saving their children's lives. Stretching their budget  and working opposite shifts is how they make ends meet while meeting the children's needs. This does not leave much time or money to allow the simple luxury of spending quality time together or having adventures as a whole family. Brian and Christina would appreciate any support they can get in making the quality of these children's lives better. Thank you for considering helping us bless these children this Holiday. You can find the Hulin Family Wish List HERE

The Dennis Family
Asking about a Family Photo and choose all of these.

oah (17) is an amazing child that was born with a specific purpose. His mission has changed the lives of many like him that have a condition called Schizencephaly. In Noah's case a stroke in the first trimester of life caused areas of his brain to never develop. Given all the odds he's faced, Noah has always been brave and open to people. As he got older , his seizures have gotten worse. His only relief has been  provided by cannabis. For many years, his condition has been controlled, and he has lived happily with fewer drugs and a voice. Noah speaks to people he meets everyday now. To see that alone is something The Dennis Family never believed they'd have. Cannabis gave Noah his life back. Although seizures took many of his talents away, he is always smiling, alert and flirting with his big blue eyes. Tricia has been a single Mom since Noah turned 3. Some years they've had things easier than lately. Since Tricia cares for Noah and has devoted her life to his care as he has gotten older, she finds her time is best served volunteering and helping others with this and other rare brain malformations. One of Noah's biggest battles now is his Scoliosis and back pain which is why they are looking at a comforting mattress for Noah. His back and muscles are always sore from a regular mattress. Noah loves The Muppets and swims with the dolphins in a program he's been in since he was a baby. The connection he made early in life with his first dolphin swim has set the pace for him to do anything he wants. The Dennis family wants to remake Noah's room to stimulate his vision and show him the world in his own room. His comfort is the most important thing to Tricia and his older brother River (19) who helps a lot with Noah. You can find the Dennis Family Wish List HERE

The Jansen Family

randon Jansen is an Iowa activist who was jailed for 84 days and placed on probation for four years for a half gram and 50 hard candy edibles.  Brandon pled guilty to a 10 year sentence for the probation deal.  Brandon and his wife have a 9 year old daughter, Kaytlynn. She was removed from her Mother's care due to the raid while Brandon was in jail.  Both parents were using concentrates/edibles due to their neck fusions. Thankfully, now their family is back together. It's too expensive for them to relocate to a compassionate state, and this situation has been a huge burden on the Jansen Family.  They don't think the holidays will be too great this year as Brandon has taken a huge pay cut, not to mention his time out of work while he was incarcerated. You can find the Jansen Family Wish List HERE

The Clement Family

teve and Jody are parents to Son, Mitchell (19) and Daughter, Dakotah (22). At 3 weeks old, Mitch had a devastating case of Spinal Meningitis which left him with a life long struggle of severe cognitive impairment, medically intractable epilepsy of the convulsive type and severe self-abuse behavior. These parents have struggled for years with pharmaceutical drugs. All the side effects have been so severe Mitch has been hospitalized. They started cannabis in January of 2015 and it has decreased his seizure frequency. He is like a new kid, so happy and feeling good. It did take a while to find the right dosing. Because they had to increase to a high dose of CBD/THC 900mg/day the cost was crazy -  $2,000 every 21 days. The family sold a work truck to pay for some of his cannabis and it has been such a struggle financially. But, how could they say, "no" when this has been the best medicine they have used? Mitch has been on every seizure drug on the market. "Thank God, in September of 2017 we found Maine Children for Cannabis Therapy. I have never had so much help with the cannabis. Our indoor grow is going well because of donations from the Cannabis of Maine Community, Thank you all so much! It really is a magical drug." You can find the Clement Family Wish List HERE

The Trogdon Family

bout one year ago, our lives changed forever. The air escaped my lungs and I collapsed in the hallway of St Joe's Hospital. "Mass" slid through the lips of the Emergency Room doctor who ordered the imaging of my sons brain. It was November 10, 2016; one day after Isabel's 8th birthday; one week after Iceys began treatment for Lyme disease. It was two weeks after Isabel was diagnosed with chronic migraines, and three days before Will's birthday. It was nine days before Iceyss' 14th birthday, and it was the holiday season. My boy had a tumor, and the battle began. Maine Children for Cannabis Therapy has helped provide free medicine for Danyon, and we have pursued every avenue to save his life. Every two weeks, Danyon is hooked up to a chemo pole; he also takes six chemo pills every six weeks. "How do we keep going? How do we do it? We smile; we laugh every chance we get. We find hope, faith, love and beauty in everything surrounding us. From his most recent brain scans, Dr. Swalak says, 'You just don't see scans this good very often!' Though we recently had to succumb to a feeding tube, we are thankful for another day to fight, another day to live. Thank you for helping our family fight this battle Parent 4 Pot." You can find the Trogdon Family Wish List HERE

Ahmed Shaur & April Rumery Family

he Shaur-Rumery Family became activists in cannabis legalization and medical necessity when their daughter, Dalivah (4) started seizing at only 5 weeks old. They pushed to get cannabis as a treatment for her Dravet Syndrome. It was one of the best treatments that they have been able to try for her. High doses of full extract cannabis worked the best. Many children also have improved from full extract cannabis oil. Despite the number of seizures she had faced, Dalivah continued to make huge gains and hold onto information. She has an older brother named Matty (17), as well as a 16 year old brother named Muhammed (16), a sister named Shelby (13) and a sister named Safiya (9). Together they all support Dalivah and any treatment that can to help cure what Dalivah faces. The Shaur-Rumery Family supports all families for cannabis. You can find the Shaur-Rumery Family Wish List HERE

The Watkins Family

onny and Aisha Watkins are the proud parents of Sarah (10) and Lyla (9).   Sarah is in the “talented and gifted” (TAG) program in her school.  She is a well-rounded achiever, who makes, even difficult tasks appear easy to accomplish.  She also participates with the Hope Team, a group that teaches service and conservation with an eye toward community involvement and ecology. Lyla loves drama and acting.  Lyla is a nurturer, with a big caring heart!  She is always willing to help lend a hand or hold a hand, as was the case with her ill, elderly grandmother.  Lyla’s compassion has been honed by the deaths of many family members over the years, including their grandmother recently. The girls have been a source of comfort for all they encounter. Dad, Sonny, is the founder of the Mercy Center in Salem, Oregon.  He has suffered from seizures, nausea and chronic pain after a traumatic brain injury. He tries to support the family the best he can.  Even with his medical condition, he continues to help at the Mercy Center, educating others about the healing properties of cannabis  The family also does a weekly TV show. They continue patient outreach and cannabis education regardless of the physical and financial challenges they face.  They support the cannabis community daily! Now it is our turn to help them have a Merry Christmas! You can find the Watkins Family Wish List HERE

The Guggisberg Family

eather Guggisberg is a single mother of 4 and a Minnesota activist. They've endured hardships living in a state that is slowly moving to end prohibition with a restrictive MMJ program most can not afford. Living on disability and caring for her 2 younger children makes it difficult to meet every day needs, let alone gifts for the holiday season. A year ago in August she helped her daughter, Victoria (24) bury her son, who was born too soon. Any savings she had was spent on funeral costs. Heather also does what she can to help her 19 year old daughter, Daniesha with college costs for nursing. Chantel (15) and Ariyanna (9) both have learning disabilities among other concerns. Let's give them a Happy Holiday they'll always remember! You can find the Guggisberg Family Wish List HERE

The Finnemore Family

haun Finnemore has Hemophilia and grows medical cannabis with his Wife. Health issues have made this a tough year. Insurance stopped paying for his Factor 8, and he needs an ankle amputation and knee revision. On top of all this, their medical grow has been targeted twice this year by robbers, who took every last flowering plant. The Finnemore family grows to help a lot of people with various aliments. They advocate for patients that can't and volunteer at local events. They try their best to help people who really need it. The Finnemore's have 2 children, Brittany (15) and Evelyn (5). You can find the Finnemore Family Wish List HERE

The Morgan Family

Jennifer Morgan is a single Mother of 2 awesome kids, Parker (13) and Derek (10). She benefits from cannabis to help navigate Celiac, Migraines and PTSD. Jennifer is looking into medical cannabis to also help her son, Derek. Parker is a very protective son and big brother a "sweet teenager" who loves building. He wants to become a carpenter when he grows up. You can find the Morgan Family Wish List HERE

The Grant Family

George joined the Navy on September 10, 2001, just one day before our nation's trafedy in September 11, 2001. This made George more determined to serve our country. He was shipped off to boot camp on November 20th, in Great Lakes, IL. He completed training as a hospital corpsman Navy medic there. Eventually, he volunteered to go with the Marines to Iraq and spent 4 years with them in 3rd battalion, 2nd Marines, Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. After his tour, George did 16 months in Groton CT, going thru medical schools to become an independent duty corpsman for submarines. He began experiencing worsening problems with his heart and ended up being diagnosed with pericarditis. After 1.5 years of treatment, it returned and kept returning after every treatment. This led to an increase in drugs to treat it. They all eventually failed, and the Navy began procedures to separate him from active duty. We had a beautiful baby boy named Marcus Alexander Grant in November 2012. George's condition has since worsened. With help from Marcus’ mom, Jessica, we are able to raise him. She tries her best to assist. There seems to be no cure for his current diagnosis of chronic, recurrent myo-pericarditis, with cardiac arrhythmias, kidney inflammation and nerve damage of his hands and feet. His main focus is on trying to raise Marcus and being a good Dad in between trips to the Emergency Room for the chronic pain he experiences whenever his heart beats or or he breathes. Marcus just turned 5 and is enjoying his first year of school. George loves reading to him and helping with his homework. It gives George a sense of purpose and helps Marcus realize that learning isn’t a bad thing. His mom, Jessica is a nurse and works full time. She tries her best to help them out and George is truly appreciative for that. "My goal, before I became disabled, was to become a nurse anesthetist and help people. That seems like a dream that may never be accomplished now. But, if I can raise my son to be a positive member of society, then that’s an accomplishment in my eyes." You can find the Grant Family Wish List HERE

The Romancik Family

Doreen Romancik has two daughters Haley (9) and Ariel (20). They are really great kids and turning into wonderful young ladies. Haley loves David Bowie, Labyrinth, crafts and creating things. She is a very unique, creative and wonderfully different than most 9 year olds. Ariel lives in Oregon. She, too is a very unique and intelligent young lady. It is our hope that Doreen is able to get Ariel home to spend Christmas together as they see each other so rarely. Doreen started smoking pot when she was 16, and it did wonders for physical and emotional pain. Over the years Doreen has been arrested numerous times for cannabis. Doreen got her medical marijuana card about a year-and-a-half ago. Without cannabis, Doreen would not be able to sleep and would be nauseous all day long due to her medications. Days that she has cannabis versus days that she doesn't are about 110% better. Any help we can provide would mean "the world" to Doreen and her family.You can find the Romancik Family WishList HERE

The Brenner Family

Robert is a recently widowed Father to Mariah Alexis. His wife passed away from cancer. However, cannabis gave them all a bit more meaningful time together. Robert was involved in a tractor trailer crash. He endured 2 surgeries and had titanium plates put in his neck. Cannabis allows him to live life so that he can function and be a good Father for Mariah, who is 16 years old. Mariah wears a ladies size 3-4 and her favorite color is pink. Mariah needs some XL sweaters and sweatshirts. She really likes having Chapstick and Carmex for her lips. Mariah likes music (Eminem) and reading books. Stephen King is one of her favorites. Let's hook this family up. You can find the Brenner Family Wish List HERE

The Laura Thompson Family

Laura's Son, Macks, age seven has a disease called Niemann-Pick Type C. It is a rare, fatal lysosomal storage disease.  Macks lost his ability to walk and talk and swallow. One of the major symptoms of the disease is seizures. At one point, Macks was having 70+ seizures a day. After trying man made medications, Laura realized they only made Macks a zombie, and he was still seizing. She got involved with cannabis because she researched the benefits for seizure sufferers. After administering his first dose on December 29, 2016, he was down from 70+ seizures a day to 4-5 a day in a shirt time. By end of the week, he was hardly having any seizures at all. Unfortunately, Macks has reached the next stage of NPC, childhood Alzheimer's. He's become very weak, and Laura had to recently admit him Boston Children's Hospital . He just had a feeding tube placed on his belly. Laura has two other children, Skyla (11) and Jake (17) at home. Laura cannot work while she's aring for Macks.  Not only are holidays coming, the family also has to find a place to live by the end of February that's accessible for Macks. This family has a lot going on, but have no choice but to stay strong and keep moving forward. You can find the Thompson Family Wish List HERE

The Samseau Family

aylor is a delightful 16 year old girl with a passion for art, writing and music. She has PVNH, a rare genetic disorder that causes developmental challenges and seizures. She was just recently diagnosed with Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) . She has been homebound for a few months as these seizures are daily and the resulting challenges with sleep, auras, lights and headaches have kept her inside. It's been a struggle to maintain her quality of life while facing this. Fulfilling her wish list will improve her day to day life substantially. Rebecca, Taylor's Mom, is not able to work because she is Taylor's sole caregiver. She is also home schooled because of her conditions. This will expand her educational and social opportunities as well. Thank you for these gifts of help and opportunity. You can find the Samseau Family Wish List HERE

The Gordon Family

he Gordon family has fought tirelessly to end prohibition in Kansas, due to their daughter Autumn's (6) medical conditions.  She suffers from Dravet syndrome and severe Autism. They have been trying to gain medical access to therapy and equipment for Autumn with no luck. Her medications cost over $4,000 a month. You can learn more about Autumn and her story at Baby Autumn's journey of epilepsy. You can find the Gordon Family Wish List HERE

The Captain Family

"My name is Christina. I am a single parent and activist in Connecticut fighting prohibition with all my heart daily. I am a patient, an advocate and support for our state's patients. I serve on the Board of Directors for my state's NORML chapter and lead the Parents 4 Pot Team for my area. I work diligently on patient access issues, helping to write petitions to add new conditions and delivery methods to the list for our states pharmaceutical model medical cannabis program. I also work hard to make sure that patients are treated fairly on every level from their medical cannabis doctor visits, within the dispensary and by the medical cannabis program;s governing body (DCP). I also help patients, and others navigate the confusing nuances of the program. I love working within a Connecticut Medical Cannabis Dispensary, which allows me to work closely with those who are directly affected by prohibition. It also lets me showcase the skills and resources that I gained through life’s hardship. I am grateful every day for my second chance at a life for myself and my son.

I am raising Nathan, my 13-year-old son, alone on a part time income, although often it’s far less than part time because working with PTSD can be a challenge. As a patient in Connecticut, each year on top of the high cost of my cannabis medicine, I am required to submit an exorbitant fee to re-register as a patient in the state. My son also lives with PTSD due to our home being raided in 2013 for cannabis and my incarceration. He is my greatest purpose on this earth. Ending prohibition takes close second. 

Although Nathan is 13, he is often mistaken for around 16 or 17. He is mature polite compassionate and wise beyond his years. Nathan enjoys skateboarding and playing video games. He currently has a Nintendo Switch that he takes with him everywhere. He has an insatiable appetite for music of all sorts. Some of his favorites include Sean Price, Wu-Tang Clan, Tyler the Creator, Action Bronson, ski mask the slump God. Nathan would like to be a chef when he grows up and enjoys making meals for us at home.

I am grateful for all the support we receive from all of you at Parents 4 Pot, and for the opportunity to have a little extra help from Mickey Claus and his elves this year. With Love, Christina "
You can find the Captain Family Wish List HERE

The Multon Family

eet Ned;he's 12 years old. One of Ned’s challenges is intractable epilepsy.  His daily number of seizures was 125, and had no problem hitting 300 if his body was off.  Having no success with a long list of medications and the Ketogenic Diet, the family was searching for other treatment options including CBD oil.  The Multon Family considered moving out of state to try it.  They also considered brain surgery as a treatment option.  After a lot of thinking they made a commitment to make sure the law makers of Connecticut knew Ned’s story.  They wanted the Medical Marijuana Bill for minors to be reintroduced to the house.  Because they believed that Ned and other children in Connecticut should be able to have access to medical marijuana. Jessica, Ned's Mother, received her medical marijuana caregiver card September 2016.  October 1st, she contacted a dispensary.  Ned has been on CBD oil since October 2016.  They had 6 months of no seizures.  Unfortunately, his seizures came back, slthough his daily number is very low.  The Multon Family also sees a number of other positive aspects, due to the CBD oil.  They are a family of four, including his big Sister, Jocelyn (19) who relies on Jessica's income as her husband has been out of work for over a year.  Ned's Grandmother generously pays for Ned’s CBD oil.  You can find the Multon Family Wish List HERE

The Olson Family

atti describes herself as “just a Mom, struggling to make ends meet.” She has taken on the task of raising teenagers because “their Mom has been in and out of jail their whole lives” and “they needed someone to love them and  care for them."Patti gets no support from the system to raise Joseph and Michael except $230.00 a month for food stamps. Patti raises Joseph and Michael along with her own disabled son, Nikolas and another disabled child, Erik, the son of a family friend. In 2014, lesions were discovered on Nikolas’s brain. He has since declined rapidly. He has a less than 10 second memory. He needs daily help with just trying to live. He has an autoimmune disease that has yet to be diagnosed. It is something similar to Multiple Sclerosis. Erik’s parents abandoned him in 2011 to fend for himself. He is wheelchair bound with spinal disorders, paralyzed from mid chest down. Patti is the caregiver for all of these young men.

This family lives with limited electricity and water in the home Erik’s father left them. The only power outlets that work in the house are around the outside walls. The power frequently goes out. The house is in foreclosure with an electric bill over $9000.00, that they are still trying to pay off. The well also broke a couple years ago, and the family lives using bottled water.  All water for showers, toilets, cooking, etc. comes from water machines. The family doesn’t have the money to fix either the electricity or water situation. Patti’s health is also a challenge. She suffers from COPD, along with heart, throat and kidney issues.
Patti, Erik and Nik, all use cannabis for pain, function and memory. Going without isn't an option for any of them. You can find the Olson Family Wish List HERE

The Ball Family

Toby Ball is a single "Mama' to four children. Two of them are underage,  and three of them still live at home. They recently joined ARM and relocated to Colorado for Maddox (14) and Jacey (9) because Toby does not want herself or her children destroyed by big pharma. Toby's Son Maddox has a 1p36 chromosome deletion, a brain injury at birth that caused epilepsy and also has behavioral issues. Her daughter Jacey has survived leukemia and struggles with the aftermath of being poisoned by chemo for over two years because it was the only option they had at the time. Toby is a domestic abuse survivor with terrible PTSD, anxiety and ADHD.
They moved to Colorado in August, and everything that can possibly go wrong has. Currently, they are unable to find a place of their own. They are living with her cousin, her husband and their four children.They have been unable to afford the red card their son desperately needs. Clonidine and Topamax are destroying their world. Seizures have increased due to the change in the elevation and difference in bariatric pressure. Toby is unemployed, trying to become a parent CNA. Help this family out. You can find the Ball Family Wish List HERE

The Brown Family

eet Jonathan Brown and his daughter, Emma(6). Jonathan was a casual cannabis consumer until a car accident, opiate addiction and PTSD changed his and his gaughter’s life forever. After 2 years of prescriptions from the family doctor to treat Jonathan’s pain and PTSD from the car accident, he was summarily cut off from treatment upon testing positive for cannabis. As a result, Jonathan turned to heroin and was subsequently incarcerated for the crimes he committed while addicted. Soon after his release from jail, Jonathan entered rehab for his opiate addiction and has been drug-free with the help of cannabis since. The stress of raising his daughter alone has been compounded by the loss of his own Father to cancer earlier this year and the financial burden of caring for his widowed Mother. Please help this Father and daughter continue to defy the the odds of addiction, incarceration, pain and burden by supporting them this Holiday Season. You can find the Brown Family Wish List HERE

The Warden Family

ine year old Noah's
challenges have been growing progressively. He now has extreme complications from Laryngomalacia as well as high tone and spasticity which has caused a need for an increase in cannabis usage  to attempt to decrease inflammation and minimize the symptoms. It's costing their family almost $600 a month in cannabis alone. Because the family publicly spoke out against Medicaid abuse in the media and news outlets to expose state funding abuse, Medicaid has decided to deny all of Noah's needs. This has forced the family to appeal all medically necessary needs. Consequently, they have a tremendous amount of out of pocket costs for Noah's medically necessary adaptive equipment, medical needs and therapy needs. While they continue to legally fight Medicaid, they now are accumulating attorney's fees in order to keep fighting on Noah's behalf. Noah's Father is a delivery driver who makes $15 an hour, and his Mother had to quit her job to be Noah's full time caregiver. Noah has a little brother named, Luke (6). The holidays are exceptionally challenging, and this family would be tremendously grateful for some love and kindness. You can find the Warden Family Wish List HERE

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Meme made by Mickey Martin. Founder of P4P. ♥


Mickey Martin: Celebration of Life

“There are moments that the words don’t reach, there is suffering too terrible to name; you hold your child as tight as you can, and try to push away the unimaginable.” Hamilton (Original Broadway score)


There are no words available to describe the utter anguish the Parents 4 Pot family feels in sharing the unimaginable news of the passing of our Founder, and current Treasurer, Mickey Martin. Mickey Martin was known as the author of Medical Marijuana 101, and Mickey Martin Consulting Director. He was the Founder of Compassion Medicinal Edibles/Tainted Inc. and the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, as well as the Founder and Treasurer of Parents 4 Pot. He dedicated his life to cannabis freedom for decades. His work to provide food-based medicines for many years revolutionized the industry in the areas of quality assurance, packaging and labeling of cannabis products. His infamous designs made the term “tainted” a household name among medical cannabis patients and edible connoisseurs. The evolution of Tainted to Compassion Medicinal Edibles epitomized everything that is right about the medical cannabis movement. His consulting firm was successful in helping several clients navigate the competitive application process and secure permits for operating medical cannabis dispensaries. His regulatory program helped several municipalities and state governments develop and implement good medical cannabis laws and guidelines. His development of several voter initiatives, and countless hours at city council meetings, made him a regulatory expert for the cannabis industry. He graduated with honors from St. Mary’s College of California in Business and spent over 13 years developing cannabis-based businesses in the community. His call for self-regulation and responsibility in the cannabis industry led to several victories for medical cannabis organizations across the country. He was a freelance writer for several well-known cannabis publications and maintained a canna-blog at www.WeedActivist.com, which chronicled his experiences in dealing with major issues facing the cannabis movement. He was instrumental in collaboration between Parents 4 Pot and SKUNK Magazine to help bring the international cannabis community together for a higher purpose to help more families devastated by the War on Drugs. Through his work with Parents 4 Pot, Mickey made sure that the children of parents who are incarcerated for cannabis crimes had a Christmas, as well as children whose parents use medical marijuana. Last Christmas, this organization provided gifts for approximately 50 families to celebrate the holidays! We made sure children had back to school supplies last fall, with gift cards to make their own school item purchases. This was all accomplished in large part, because of Mickey Martin!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mickey’s wife, children, family and friends at this sad time. Mickey was a powerful force whose momentum will not be stopped by death. We will continue to advance his dreams and the mission of the organization he created.

Parents-4-Pot is a dedicated voice for all families who support the end of hemp and cannabis prohibition. We strive to defeat the social stigma surrounding adults who use cannabis responsibly. We support a parent’s choice to use medical cannabis to treat their children's illnesses. Our work helps families with cannabis related issues through education, direct action and organizational support.


We love you Mickey ♥


Photo © Diane Fornbacher

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