Thank You 2019 P4P Holiday Drive Contributors and Family Sponsors! - Parents 4 Pot

You all are amazing and made magic happen for 20 families, across 13 States. 20 Families that have been deeply impacted by prohibition.

Here are some of the 2019 Parents 4 Pot POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive Contributors and Events that took place. Followed by our generous Family Sponsors!

Sincere gratitude, to you all! You help make the work we do possible!


Parents 4 Pot Connecticut & Friends

Parents 4 Pot Massachusetts & Friends

Doggylamb - Courtesy of HoodLAB

Forest Crafters

Dude Smell This

Ivan Art

Author Callie Blackwell

K Hall Books & Jellybeans

PNW Canna Creations

Eric and Nakita Frye

Chronic Kay, Red Blaza, Stacey-Ann Bradley and Friends, for the amazing Gift Baskets!

Jetter Systems

Austin Tobacco

2019 Family Sponsors by *order of Families presented this season!


Cresco Labs

An Anonymous Family

CannaMommy International NonProfit & Landon's Health Hut


Jasper & Ivy, LLC (*x2)

Forest Crafters, Quantum Wellness, LLC & Friends (*x2)

Greenfaith Supply Co.

The House of Candy - SugarHi Farm

An Anonymous Family

HappyDay Farms

3 of our largest Families Sponsored by Contributions from our Family, Friends and Fans!

Parents 4 Pot Massachusetts & Friends

Green Leaf Organics SW

The following are some of our Special Contributors who helped us reach our objectives.



A special #ShoutOut to our family with the following; for providing us the broad spectrum outreach and support it takes to make this mission, and the work we do year round, happen.


And all of you; Our family, friends and fans! #THANKYOU!

Thank you for being part of making magic happen for 20 families that have been impacted by prohibition, across the nation.

As we move closer to 2020, we encourage you all to #getinvolved. Join our Team! Share the #VISION!

Help end prohibition, one family at a time!


Wishing you all, all the best and an epic 2020!

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