To Do or Not To Do – Talking to Your Kids about Pot - Parents 4 Pot

| February 16, 2016

By, Ronda Marcy

There are many schools of thought about how to discuss marijuana use with your children, especially

in archaic states that don’t allow legal cannabis in any form. I won’t presume to tell you how to do

this or if it should happen. That is your family business. I will share the concepts I shared with my

daughters back in the days when nothing was legal anywhere!

Early on, my daughters knew that areas of their body were called their privates. They are the sacred

parts that are not to be exposed or breached by anyone. This is equally important for boys. Children

around age four to six can understand these concepts. I then explained that the word “privacy” was

like the word “privates,” but it applied to an area around our family and our home. I also always told

my children that if anyone asked about marijuana use in our home, they were to look the person in

the eye and say “If you have any questions like that, you need to go speak to my mother!” I always

welcome the opportunity to discuss pot. Never expect a child to keep a secret! A secret is usually too

much of an emotional burden for a child. Don’t sneak in your room, if you don’t want your child

sneaking in theirs! Yes, teach your children about marijuana, and see if they can find its toe! Hint:

Hemp tow

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