Two Years and Counting – It’s a Parents 4 Pot Anniversary - Parents 4 Pot

By, Deannajean Ryther

On November 11, 2013, Parents 4 Pot began. For me, it came at a time when I was asking myself a

lot of questions about being involved in activism and what directions I should take. Did my voice

matter? Was I making a mistake? Cruising Facebook on my phone, I noticed that my battery was

getting low. Just then, Mickey Martin made a comment on my page that sparked a fire in me.

I felt something deep inside that evening, and I knew what I needed to do. As a result, just before my

battery died, I created the Parents 4 Pot Facebook page, hit “Share,” and this journey began.

We have a shared vision to end cannabis prohibition. More than an organization, we are a movement

of parents and non-parents who are unwilling to cower. We are involved for all the reasons that truly

matter: humanity, the future. We cultivate our community by bringing families in need together with

people who can help them.

Your voice matters. It’s time to come out of the cannabis closet and join this movement. You have

no idea whose lives you'll change, or how yours will be changed, because you made the decision to

speak out and stand against inhumanity. The crime is prohibition. If you find yourself reading this,

please join us today. This movement needs you.

I have profound gratitude for SKUNK Magazine and everyone who has become part of the Parents 4

Pot family.

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