What is Parents 4 Pot? - Parents 4 Pot

| December 11, 2013

Great question. Parents 4 Pot is an organization being developed to give a voice to people who are parents that use cannabis, the parents of children who need medical cannabis, and the parents of children who have been unjustly made criminals by this failed prohibition. We are joined by our friends, family, and supporters in the community to speak up for the rights of parents who choose cannabis as an alternative.


We are currently developing a website that will become central to our mission in education and providing a safe space for parents to come together for this cause. Our first phase is under way in garnering support and interest from the community. We have been excited at the rapid growth on our Facebook page. The next phase is Board development. We will be sending out a fun and inquisitive questionnaire to folks who are interested in leadership positions in the organizations. Many prominent activists who are also parents have expressed interest in joining the fight, so we are looking forward to a Board of talented individuals who are focused on the common goal of ending prohibition and returning cannabis to its rightful place in our society.


We will then develop direct action events in areas to challenge the status quo and give a voice to those who believe cannabis is a better choice for us, and/or our children. It is no longer okay for society to treat us as lesser citizens, violate our privacy, and undermine our parenting because we choose to use a safe, enjoyable, and helpful plant. We are likely better parents than many because one of the positive attributes of cannabis is its calming properties, and if you have a six and nine-year-old son who are at one another’s throats all day taking the edge of with cannabis, as compared to the pills or booze a lot of parents opt for because they are “legal,” is a far better option for many.


We will look for regional groups to attack policy on the local level by being present and vocal at local meetings and in media concerning cannabis regulation. We will appoint state coalitions that can organize and lobby state officials who are considering or implementing cannabis programs. We will work as a group nationally to advance the issue in congress and with the Justice Department to ensure cannabis users are treated equally and fairly as citizens.


We are neighbors, friends, family members and the guy who works at your local Starbucks. We are not criminals, and we certainly are not bad parents. We will no longer stand for anything less than respect.

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